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Back To School, Again.

Tomorrow begins our first days of school in Missouri. Well, actually today was, but it was a holiday, so we had the day off. I am the best teacher…ever.


3rd grade.


Anyway. Four months after school has started I took their yearly school photos. I just didn’t get to it. I always have wanted to do pics in front of busses, which makes less than zero sense since my kids are home schooled. Not too many busses around in California. However, I found some in Missouri. We took these pictures in about 60 seconds, for real, because I felt like I was doing something wrong and might go to some sort of Missouri jail. So we were fast. Baby stayed strapped in car. It was really quite impressive, actually. I think the kids might have been slightly scared because they were extra cooperative, lol.


8th grade.


I need a picture for their school box each year…and by school box I mean you simply must click over and see the best idea I have seen on Pinterest, ever, that I did and am totally head over heels in love with. It is for any child in school. Not just home schooler types.


9th grade


Anyway. I said I would never homeschool. I am. I said I could never homeschool around a dining room table. I am starting tomorrow…and while we are on the topic of stupid things I say, I also said I would never live anywhere where there are tornados.

When will I learn?


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Making Memories

I was 16 or 17. We had a G R E A T youth group and a fantastic youth pastor. He was all about making memories. He was all about telling us, he was all about making memories.


Every summer we went on a trip called Endless Summer. 1.5 weeks of non stop fun. Camping, amusement parks, beaches, and everything in between. It was A W E S O M E. Well, this one year, we took one of those accordian style busses. It was our transportation for the whole trip. Maybe 70 or 80 of us left for our Endless Summer Trip.


For weeks prior to this particular year, our youth pastor had been telling us he had a special surprise that we would not want to miss. To say we were all excited would be a severe understatement. There was SUCH a buzz about our surprise. We could not figure it out.


Heading southbound on Highway 5 toward Los Angeles, a famous stench exists. It is the familiar smell to all Californians and travelers of highway 5 known as Harris Ranch. I think it is home to about 5 gazillion cows, give or take.


Remember that Endless Summer surprise? Yes, a tour. On the bus. Driving the roads in between said cows. In the middle of July. Hot. Flys. Groaning teenagers. AND a gleefully happy youth pastor walking the aisles of the bus yelling “you will never forget this”. He was right. I haven’t.

…and I love it.


A few months ago I get a phone call from my husband in the middle of the day, asking if we could take May 16th off school. Of course. He informs me that there is a frog jumping gig at the Calaveras County fair. He wants to surprise the kids. I immediately thought of the cows. I was in.


Anticipation built with my munchkins.

It was a total crack up and a total surprise until we arrived at our destination.



You see, they didn’t even know that frog jumping existed. Neither did I.


*this picture is titled, WHY WE USE A STROLLER.

It was an unusally wet rainy morning in CA, that we set out. It was cold, damp, and entirely entertaining.


We had a great day.

Here’s to hoping the kids never forget it.


Somehow, I don’t think they will. I can hear it now…”remember when dad took us to that frog jumping fair.”


One of the highlights of the day was when we were walking through all the animals. One of the 4H kids started chatting with us. “Where y’all from?” he says. “Sacramento area”, my husband replies. Them the kid went there….



“Y U P”, my husband says proudly.

Making Memories.


because frogs are cool.


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Box of Chocolates.

“You never know what you are going to get,” Forrest’s mama says.

It’s true, you do not.

While my life has been saturated with overwhelming blessings, all too many to count, I think deeply over the times in my past and strangely find some of the purest moments of beauty are tucked inside of my darkest hour.

I have a heart to heart with a friend and we completely agree that you must allow God to take you there.

The place where you surrender fully. Where your fears, doubts, anger, denial, and desires are placed at His feet. Where you are willing to jump and not see anywhere to land.

You have to allow God lead you. Yes everywhere, even into the ugly. I guarantee it is there you will find a whole lot of pretty. He does make all things beautiful in His time.

There truly is loss when you won’t take the trip.

Oh, that I may I never miss His leading.

May I always be listening to His whisper.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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The End of Soccer.

Today was Miss Emma’s last soccer game. It was so bittersweet. She had a great first experience through our community center this year. Her coaches were unbelievable. So kind and so encouraging to the kids. Makes me happy.

She made some great little friends…


She was cheered on at every game by our whole family, sometimes grandma and grandpa, and sometimes friends. It’s fun to be supported.

One of the best parts of soccer is the end of the game and the “tunnel”. The kids ran through multiple times every game!

At church last week, the kids were all asked to say something they were thankful for…Emma said, “I’m thankful that Jesus made me a good soccer player.” {yeah that front tooth does NOT want to leave her mouth}

The team had their party today at Little Caesars. Emma received her first trophy while the coach talked about what an amazing goalie she was. So fun.


So proud of her! It’s fun to find things you love to do. It’s fun to watch the kids discover what they like and don’t. Each of my four children are so different, it never ceases to amaze me. Emma is our third born, but our first to show a huge interest in sports.

It’s been a great season for us all. Definitely my favorite thing we’ve done this summer. Sad to see it end!

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Twelve Sure Signs of Sleep Deprivation.

1. You find yourself waiting for the light to turn green to make your left turn….only you are doing it in the middle of the intersection rather than safely behind the white line.

2. You ask the waiter for an extra plate and are amazed at how quickly he produces one, only to realize he was already putting it down in front of you when you inquired about it.

3. You get gas and get in to leave only to realize your car has been running the entire time.

4. You smell the teaspoon to check if pepper made it into your spaghetti sauce, but exhale instead of sniff and you blow pepper into your right eye.

5. You leave the house with your shirt inside out.

6. You leave the house in your slippers.

7.. The ever popular “you put the cereal away in the refrigerator.”

8. You rock yourself to sleep instead of your baby.

9. You fall asleep in the shower.

10.Something (thankfully not someone) is forgotten everywhere you go.

11. You lock your keys in the car.

12. You try and get into someone else’s car.


My baby is great at this…

But not so much at this…



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Candy Genius.

I have been a long time fan of Candiquik. We use it every Christmas, at the very least. It’s tradition. You take two Ritz crackers and put peanut butter between it and then dip it in chocolate Candiquik. Perfection. It was always kinda hard to find Candiquik throughout the year, but now thankfully my Target, with the new and improved grocery area, carries it year round.

So, a couple weeks, ago I posted about the amazing white chocolate truffles that I found in blog land. After that post, I was contacted by the marketing director at Log House Foods, as they saw my post and this picture of Emma. She wrote the sweetest email and asked if Emma would like a free shirt. Um, yes of course Emma would like a free shirt.

Just days later the doorbell rings and this box of utter deliciousnesss arrives on my door with the sweetest hand written letter.

Dear Darcy and Family,

I recently stumbled across a few things that caught my eye. One being a blog called “Just A Night Owl”, another, a recipe named white chocolate cookie dough truffles, and lastly – the cutest CANDIQUIK model yet. I believe her name is Emma! We appreciate your support!



Check out her blog here.

Do I feel Warm and Fuzzy about Candiquik….yes. Was I paid to say this?… I truly do love their chocolate and a care package of their products, makes me crazy happy. Just look at all the chocolate I can use to try out some new recipes! I’m feelin’ the love. Thanks Sarah!

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Day 122. Road Trip.

Today we are off for the ultimate school field trip. The happiest place on earth. Thanks to Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day program, we were able to plan an amazing end of the year field trip for the kids. You can read about our adventure as volunteers here.

It took us about 7.5 hours to get down to Disneyland from Sacramento. It was a longer trip than normal. We had a LOT of stops on the way down. I would like to blame it on the kids, but really it is due to my pregnant self and LA traffic.

After we arrived at the hotel and unpacked, we jumped in the pool until bed time. We stayed right across the street from the pedestrian entrance to the park. It’s an awesome hotel.

We decided to make the trip four days before we left. Too bad I didn’t have time to get the kids hair cuts. My darling daughter looks a bit like Cousin It. She does have a left eye under there, I promise.

My 11 year old has aspirations of the Justin Bieber look, so we are o.k. with the lack of hair cut here.

and then there is Emma. She could care less about her hair, but she strikes a pose at all times…even partially submerged in water.

It was a crazy day getting out of town. Sometimes, I feel like the Griswold’s. However, then I remember, if we were to travel next year at this time, we will have a 5 month old to add to all the blessed choas. Suddenly everything seems calm.

Now there are just 48 school days left until summer.

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Craft Tray.

This past week I found an awesome way to store all our craft supplies we had laying all over the house.

First: Take any tray

Second: Fill with terra cotta pots or other small containers

Third: gather up all your fun crafty supplies.

This works great to be able to take it down off of the shelf and set it in the middle of the table for the kids to easily see and access all of their favorite crafty fun!

The terra cotta pots are just heavy enough that they are not easily knocked over as the kids are looking for their treasures.

I love organization…a little too much sometimes!

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Day 80. The Unexpected.

There we were mid morning. My doorbell rings and the neighbor says, ” I hear your homeschooling, Congratulations!” AAAAAhhhhh I linger for a moment, music to my ears. No questions on why, or how do you, or I never could. Just a congratulations. THEN, she says that the church on the corner has a school that is shutting down and they have gobs and gobs of books for free. She was on her way, after her friend told her. She said you just walk in and take them. I thought about it and kinda decided not to, since I am so new at this. I thought I would confuse myself with more curriculum choices. However, she stopped back by on her way home and said, really, GO!

Alright, I can listen well. We loaded up and went over to check it out. There was a ton! Very confusing to me on what and how to use it all. I still need instructions! However, I did find 12 different classic books and picked up 3 copies of each, so we can read them together. I also let the kids pick out some stuff. Oh their personalities shone through that freedom.

First Taylor, Quietly surveyed the room and picked a few books. All things that made her happy. Puzzles, problems, snoopy, rainbows, etc.

Then Emma, all drama all the time. They were SO heavy for her, she let everyone know the whole time we were there. However, it melted my heart when I saw what she was carrying. She chose 5 “Bibles”. A toddler Bible (she recognized the brand as we have one at home),  3 other books that have a Bible “look” to them, and finally another book that has a “Bible” look to it. BUT, it was in Chinese….her thoughts after reviewing her choice in the car was, “oh, this is going to be complicated”.

Finally Cameron. In utter amazement of the choices, he chose high school level physics, science, and experiement type books. He would have brought the room home and maybe I should have let him. However, I limited it to 7 books, and a giant box of baking soda lol. (Yes, really I said baking soda….they were cleaning out their science cabinets too). He asked why he couldn’t bring the acid home. Um, really Cam? I think that is self explanatory.

That, my friends, was quite a deal! I paid nothing. The perfect little trip was ended with impromptu pizza lunch!

Now there is just 90 school days left until summer.

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