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Eight Weeks.

“You may be consumed with fatigue” says the experts.

That made me laugh. Three hour naps are a daily routine for me and I really can NOT wait to get past this part. There is nothing like pregnancy tired. It kicks your butt.

This was an actual conversation in my house last week.

“How was your day?” says husband.

“Fine. I got a lot done today. I pushed in the chairs around the table and put the wash in the drier” says me. (No joke intended.)

The baby is the size of a Lima Bean. While everything continues to grow and develop, the big news this week is eyelids are coming soon and the baby has distinct elbows.

Just three more weeks until my first doctor apt. That can not come soon enough. Despite the fact that I have a list of symptoms, in my boredom I took the extra pregnancy test that was left in the box (I am still pregnant), I have the fourth baby belly to show for this…there is nothing like a person in a white coat telling you your pregnant, showing you an ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. It just confirms everything is on track.

For now, I am going to take another nap!

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Seven Weeks.

It seems like I have been pregnant for months and yet I have 33 weeks left to go, but who’s counting?

It’s amazing to read and see all the pictures and information online.

This fact blew my mind…

“You might be surprised to learn that even though the embryo is only about 2 cm long, every major system in the human body is present in its earliest form by the end of week 7 of pregnancy.”

It’s amazing to think that one of these is currently swimming around in my tummy. (This image is at six weeks). At this point, the baby has a working liver, fully formed intestines and appendix, pumping blood, and is the size of a blueberry.

Despite the fact that I can’t get anything done, might bite your head off if you look at me wrong, sleep constantly, actually pray daily to throw up …and will likely continue this path for at least another 5 weeks

I’m in love.

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…and baby makes FOUR.

Life has changed….dramatically. I am having a baby.

This will be baby number four for us. Cameron is 11, Taylor is 9, Emma is 5, and baby number four will be arriving this fall.

I found out alone this past Sunday morning. My husband is the worship pastor at our church and was at services. Having attended the Saturday night services already, I had no plans to head down to church that morning. However, this couldn’t wait for five hours. I called a couple girlfriends, loaded up the kids, and headed down to share our news with him.

As soon as he saw me, he knew….I love that.

Sometimes, my heart races with anxiety and I think…have I lost my ever lovin’ mind? Then I realize no, no I have not. Shawn and I, from day one, have always wanted four children. Always. Here we are. I can not wait until the first kick, the first snuggle, and the first smile. Life is about family, love, sharin’ Jesus, and making memories…everything else will fall into place.

So, Shawn and I got to share a few moments in the hall and then ironically enough, he was singin’ Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a prayer in church that Sunday….It doesn’t get any better than that.


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