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Greyson Michael. Birth Day. 11.10.10

We are so happy to introduce our little man.

Greyson Michael…

He was born on Wednesday, 11.10.10 at 2:05 am, weighing in at 10lbs. 6 oz. and 21 inches long…he arrived 10 days early.

I had a beautiful and easy labor ending in the most horrible 15 minutes of pushing. My epidural decided to go on vacation and I struggled intensely with wrapping my head around the sudden onset of pain. I can say with all the honestly and drama that I can muster, that it was the worst 15 minutes of my life…but then they handed me this….

and my heart was so full ….overwhelming gratitude, love beyond measure, pure bliss.

He’s perfectly squishy, pink, and snorts quite a bit.

He has at least three chins, beautiful little lips, and a head full of dark brown hair.

He has stolen our hearts and completed our family.

He was welcomed into the world with his dad and I, the doctor and nurse, and a whole bunch of  family and friends cheering us on from the waiting room party outside our door. It absolutely  meant the world to me to have everyone there supporting us. Our own private cheering section. How amazing is that.

We took our little rocker baby home on Friday. It is now the six of us. Funny how it instantly seems like this is how it’s always been.

The sleep is scarce. The laundry and diapers are plenty. The love and memories being made trump all.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Psalm 139:14

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Thirty Eight Weeks.

Tomorrow is induction day. It has arrived. I will be 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant. They are inducing due to a predicted giant size child and my high blood pressure.

I can not believe this day is finally going to be here in just a little while. Pregnancy is so weird because in some ways it seems like yesterday that I saw those two lines and in some ways it feels as if I have been pregnant forEVER. This pregnancy has been interesting, more so than the others, because I know that this is our last. I fight the…”this is the last time I will…” syndrome it seems daily. I am trying to put all of that aside and enjoy what I can, because strangely I always look back on pregnancy and “enjoy it” while in my memories. Perhaps, it is simply because I can focus on the good parts only.

Today I broke my jail cell of bedrest for a 40 minute pedi because frankly it’s criminal to deliver a child with ugly feet, right? I couldn’t help but thinking as this 40 pound Asian woman was massaging my feet that she seemed strangely close to the size of my children when they are born. I think bedrest has made me delusional. I was then interrupted by the strange sensation of her blowing on my toes. Yes, blowing. I don’t think I have ever had someone blow on my toes. It was quite strange. I know what you are thinking but there was no polish on yet. I have no idea what she was doing, but frankly was too tired to care. After I was safely sitting under the dryer with prettified feet, she came over and started twirling my hair. Just as I was thinking…hmm is this creepy or cute…she interrupted my thoughts with the comment….”do you want a trim? You’re hair is really dry?” um WOW.

Tonight, we enjoyed Round Table Pizza and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special all snuggled up in our room for one last movie night as a family of five. So weird.

My kids were INSANE today. So many emotions running around in all of us. My six year old questioned me today if I would be able to take care of her as good when Greyson comes. Ugh.

I am hoping for good sleep tonight, yet am overwhelmed with wondering what tomorrow will bring. I am hoping by fourth baby this child will be born in some sort of record time and completely pain free…Hey, a girl can dream right?

Tonight. I am saying good bye to heart burn, aching bones, side sleeping, and baby bumps.

Tomorrow will give way to days of tummy laying, pure exhaustion, and sweet baby kissing. I can not wait until they lay this little guy on me for the first time. It is by far the best feeling in the world and I have been waiting for that moment for months.

Sweet dreams.

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Musings of A Bed Rest Convict.

1. The world moves at warp speed. Why? Where are we all going so fast?
2. New pink Paul Frank socks hold the power to turn your day around for the better.
3. It is much easier to survive a day in bed when the weather outside is frightful.
4. There’s nothin’ like mom’s cooking.
5. My husband is amazing…truly. He covered it all. I have fallen in love with him all over again.
6. I am so thankful for my DVR, laptop, and iPhone. What did the brave souls who have gone before me do?
7. Time keeps moving always, even if it is an oh so slow crawl.
8. I am so so so blessed by the friends in my life who have cared for every detail down to my hand soap.
9. The Lord alone is in control. Not I.
10. My name is Darcy and I secretly love Family Feud.
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Thirty Six Weeks.

My story right now is all about me and my bed.

Over the last week I have had two hospital stays for blood pressures reaching the 190 range but mostly hanging in the 150’s/160’s over 90’s. I have been on a couple medications and my most recent has been upped in dosage four times. I am home now with a diagnosis of mild pre eclampsia and on strict bed rest. My goal is to get to my 37th week of pregnancy, hopefully the 38th. Apparently, caucasion boys fair the worst when being delivered during the 35th or 36th week of pregnancy.

We made it! My next Target date is Nov. 9th, which will put me at 38 weeks plus 3 days and an ideal day to deliver Greyson. Although, we have been told if my blood pressures start to climb again or any more symptoms develop, we will call it a day and deliver this guy immediately. I am being monitored very very closely.

My blood pressures have been staying low as long as I am laying down. I get up for dr. visits, monitoring, and to visit our restroom and that is it.

I had an ultrasound yesterday. My sweet baby boy is measuring in at 8.5 lbs which is the 96th percentile and he is flipping between head down and oblique positions.

We have been beyond blessed and cared for with help for the kids, meals, shopping, people who washed my sheets for me, slumber party friends in the hospital, more meals, people driving kids to and from activities, doing school projects with my kids, running my errands, and offering to be there for “whatever we need”. However, bedrest is still tough. To go from the psychotic stage of pregnancy nesting to a hospital bed, to my room with not a whole lot of warning, is a lot for an overachiever like myself. BUT I know that this is best for baby and for me and really in the grand scheme of things a max stay of 2.5 weeks of bedrest is really NOT that big of a deal.

So, I am trying to keep some perspective and relax and enjoy…It really will all be over soon.

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Thirty Five Weeks.

I had my ob visit yesterday that was less than ideal…

My blood pressure has been a concern with every pregnancy I have had. I have never had to be medicated or bed rested ( a new word!) or anything up until yesterday. However, the time has come, and medication is now the drill. I just don’t like medications like this. Which is fascinating, because I walk into the hospital for delivery begging for my epidural immediately. Incredibly inconsistent. I have taken 3 doses and my bp is up quite a bit. Ironic and probably due to my own stress of being on them in the first place. If it doesn’t come down by later today, I have to call and she will up the amount. Ugh.

My sweet baby Greyson is all lounged out SIDEWAYS. Not head down at all. Which my mom commented “smart kid, who would want to hang out upside down!” While very true, this one is following suit of his brothers and sisters who have all caused me mild panic until the last second when they decided to flip into the right position. AND by last second I mean laying on the table ready to do the external version process.

In addition, I received the comment, “yeah, um this baby is BIG already” while being examined yesterday.

So I am progressing as expected, praying to truly give everything over to God, and make the choice to not spend these last days stressing, but somehow trying to relax in the knowledge that God knows what’s going to happen and it will all work out just fine.

Somehow, someway, crooked, upside down, or other wise this little guy will be here in less than 35 days….I can’t wait to kiss his little face…and introduce him to his big brothers and sisters who absolutely can not wait to get their hands on him either.

Sorry about the lame picture, but I am too lazy to go get the real camera. 🙂

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Thirty Four Weeks.

How I spend my minutes…

Waddling. Battling heartburn. Avoiding sodium. Wondering how to speed up time. Whining my way through hopefully the last heat wave of the year. Organizing everything. Obsessing over a highchair choice. Mourning the fact that my unrealistic list of things to get done before the baby is born will in fact not be completed on time. Making more lists. Watching Friends. Dropping everything I touch. Forgetting the obvious. Begging for mercy. Enjoying baby hiccups. Planning to decorate for Christmas on Halloween weekend. Wondering how labor will play out. Dreaming of baby kisses. Enjoying the wonder of it all because this part is about to end and a lifetime of memories is about to begin…

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Thirty One Weeks.

I had my monthly visit to the doctor this past week. We had the “delivery talk”. I told her my desired birth plan. It includes two things….Drugs and not cutting me open. That’s it. Pretty simple.

In order to support the not cutting me open part, she will be doing an ultrasound at 38 weeks. If the baby has hit an estimated 9 lbs at that point she will induce that week, if not she will induce for sure at 39 weeks. She won’t let me go beyond that point. I have large babies and have never gone into labor on my own…my gracious doctor is well on board with keeping a close eye on this guy to do everything in our power to get him out at just the perfect time.

This is my fourth pregnancy. They are fairly uneventful, but this is the point I start to fight anxiety. I have a pretty big aversion to the thought of a C Section. I have never had one and really don’t want one. My sister had 3 and I know some people love them. However, slicing open my stomach, is just not quite my thing. I faint easy, really easy, and I just don’t do well with scissors and knives and stitches. Bleh. Let’s just say I’m a wuss. It’s ok. I know this about myself. I have no intention of entering the medical field and up ’til now I have never experienced broken bones or surgeries. I’d love to keep it that way.

I’m also keeping prayerful fingers crossed about the position of the little guy. None of my kids have been very bright with their exit strategies. I have had posterior, breech, transverse, and crooked(?). Didn’t even know the last was a choice. Fortunately, each time they have whipped into shape at literally the last minute, but it is a bit nerve racking.

On a sadder note my nausea has returned. It seems so wrong when you look down and can’t see your feet to crave Olive Garden breadsticks with Alfredo as if your life depended on it. Really…what IS that?

I aslo can not seem to get comfortable anymore. I wish I had a pool…I think I would risk the slight chance of drowning and sleep in there every night. Oh, to be weightless.

I can’t wait to hold this little monster. The good thing about big babies is…they sleep through the night REALLY quick, are super easy to cuddle, and you can bite their squishy cheeks immediately.

This is my adorable and now petite monster child at just 2 hours old. She weighed in at 10lbs 6 oz, 23 inches, and was 3 days past due. She was born with multiple chins, chunky thighs and couldn’t have been cuter. I mean honestly, don’t you wanna just bite her neck?

Today at ten years old, she proudly holds her spot as the middle child…with just one chin. She is beautiful inside and out and has helped me out enormously this pregnancy. She will make an amazing big sister to Greyson.

Just seven~ish weeks to go…I think I can, I think I can…

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Thirty Weeks.

I have been pregnant for 210 days. That’s a whole lotta days. Since I will be induced at 39 weeks, I have about 63 left. In some ways, that seems like an eternity, but in other ways I know it will fly by.

Swollen ankles, baby hiccups, and outrageous heartburn are all part of the daily routine around here. This baby is a twirler. Rarely kicks or punches, but is constantly spinning. A wee bit painful at times. My second daughter was the exact same way. At thirty weeks the baby is an estimated 17 inches and 3.5 pounds. He is expected to gain about .5 pounds per week during the duration of the pregnancy.

Over the last couple of weeks, lots of progress has been made on my “to do before the baby comes” list. It feels great to check things off. My list is so ridiculously long, that in reality, I know it is physically impossible to finish it all before hand, but every little bit helps.

I also had 2 showers recently. Showers always overwhelm me with gratitude at the friends and family I have in my life. This baby is being born into a community of people that already love him so much. He has an endless list of aunties ready to smooch his cute little face. I had an amazing time at both parties, surrounded by people I love. I sat on a zebra couch, with a sock monkey nearby and had tons of little friends helping me open gifts for our new little man at one. At the other, we had a riveting game of racing babies to see who would eat first. I mean really, whats not to love?

Then I got to spend a whole day in my jammies looking through all my gifts, organizing, and putting things away. That is such my happy place.

I’m on the last lap. It’s getting close…

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Twenty Six Weeks and he shall be called…

A few days away from entering my third trimester, my automatic weekly pregnancy email warned me to savor the energy I had right now because soon it would be leaving. As a 39 year old pregnant woman with three children at home I say…SERIOUSLY? I haven’t seen energy since February, but I will obey. Consider it noted.

I tried to stop counting the seconds until delivery, which I realized is making this the longest period of gestation known to humankind. I am trying to just focus week by week, or sometimes hour by hour. I have been pretty uncomfortable, fairly grouchy, and at the same time enjoying every milestone, kick, and hiccup this little guy brings me.

I am trying to embrace that my upper arms are now the size of my pre pregnancy thighs, celebrate the lack of stretch marks I have, and pray that when this baby makes his way into this world my 46 chins will all but disappear. The reality of my growing belly is a second by second reminder that this child will have to make his way out eventually and all the memories of the pain of labor are flooding back in full swing. I live for that moment when the worst pain imaginable is replaced,  in a nano second, by some of the greatest moments of joy I have experienced on this earth. The first moment that they place that sticky screaming bundle of love in my arms and time for a moment, all but stands still.

We have decided on a name.


I would like to tell you some touching story of how we came to this name, what it means, or what beloved person we named him after. However, I can’t. Greyson received his name because we like it. Plain and simple.

My doctor has promised to induce at 39 weeks…It’s getting here. I’m afraid if it doesn’t come soon my stomach will explode because seriously? Is this not the silhouette of a full term mommy? Currently, the baby apparently weighs on average about 2 pounds and is 14 inches long. My babies are typically 9-10 pounds so um yeah….we’ve got some growing yet to do. AAHHH.

Here is a picture of my now 11 year old son when he was just hours old. Will this little guy will look the same?

Wondering and waiting.

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Seventeen Weeks.

I am nearing the half way point and I really can not be more excited. Pregnancy is amazing. Pregnancy is hard and completely miraculous. It seems as though aliens have taken over every inch of my body.

I felt the baby move yesterday for the first time. Again this morning. It is without a doubt the most amazing feeling in the world.

In just two days, we are going for an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby. Yes, we are telling…both the gender and the name. I am completely unable to keep secrets about that kind of thing. It will be so nice to know and name this little one swimming around inside of me. We are going for one of those social type of ultrasounds where they schmooz you, give you pictures and dvd’s, and have multiple screens for your viewing pleasure. The only thing missing is popcorn, although I am sure you could bring that too. The kids will be coming along. We are all counting the days. Shawn and Emma want a girl, Cameron wants a boy, Taylor and I don’t really care….it should be interesting to see everybody’s reactions.

The baby is an estimated 6 inches long this week and weighs 7 ounces. Mind boggling fact of the week: if my baby is a girl, her ovaries have already produced millions of primordial egg cells, which, within a few weeks, will develop into actual eggs. um wow.

Here is my fuzzy iphone self portrait….

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