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A Movie Night B-day.

We chose a Hannah Montana party for Emma’s #5. Her b-day falls in late September. The usual rule with birthday parties in our house is one friend for every year you are old. However, if we go somewhere special for a party its usually one or two friends at most. 

With the recent release of the Hannah Montana movie on DVD…we lit up the fire pit and had an outdoor movie viewing party.

The timing was a bit tricky as we needed it to be dark to play the movie, so we did cake and presents first.

The cake was s’mores served on a Hannah Montana plate. Graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows with some funky candles stacked up high. One of Emma’s favorite desserts. All the kids took turns roasting their own marshmallows to make their own “cake”.

One of Emma’s favorite presents was a BFF necklace from her Sophia. Aww how she loves her.
It is all Sophia…all the time around here.

After that the girls kicked it on some sleeping bags with popcorn…

we were able to borrow the equipment to project Hannah on the big screen.

The girls all went home with Hannah Montana make up kits that I had saved from 90% off Christmas sales last year.

We had a great time. So simple. So fun. (and SO inexpensive!)
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Ashley’s Baby Shower for Liam.

I Love party planning. I have been doing it my whole life. When I get the honor of doing it for a friend… it is twice as fun. Meet Ashley…crazy, quirky, fun-loving, mom of three, and wife to Josh. Check out her blog at This was the celebration we had before Liam was born.
Ashley is the wife of our youth pastor at our church and we needed a big space for her shower. Fortunately, we were able to use our worship center. In order to cozy it up a bit, I hung white fabric panels around the room. I also was fortunate to have an ultrasound picture of Liam that we put up on the screens.
The table at the door had some scrapbooking pages to sign a note for Liam. Also there, was in my opinion, the funniest of funny baby shower games… a bit quirky, so know your audience. In each of the clear plastic cups pictured, was an ice cube. Frozen inside each ice cube was a plastic baby. When each of the guests arrived, they were given a cup to carry around. The first person’s baby to bust out of the ice cube (because of melting) would create the winner…but the lady has to yell, “My water broke”. Fantastic.
Each of the tables held a diaper cake. I had 5 ladies pitch in money to create these. A very useful gift for the mom having her third baby boy!
Ashley is not one who would be into sappy baby shower games. She marches to the beat of her own drummer and she does so beautifully. I tried to think out of the box. Ashley likes to laugh….so….this game was born.
Have you seen “Who’s line is it anyway?” We copied the props game…baby shower style.
I had some ladies that I had asked to participate and then asked for volunteers from the guests.
I put buckets of various items behind the stage. The instructions were “things that you would find in a delivery room”. I might have scared her family a bit, but it was pure entertainment.
Use your imagination as to what was being said…
a princess helmet…
a lantern…
 a lightsaber…
and a flash light…
The girls who participated were amazing…they would give Drew a run for his money.
For the cakes, I ordered plain cupcakes from Costco and added some hand made chocolate candies. They helped decorate the tables, as they were pre set at everyone’s seat.
We closed the afternoon out with a prayer time for Ashley, Liam, and the rest of her family.
Love you Ash. xo.
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Gina’s Baby Shower for Joie.

Baby Shower’s…we’ve all likely been to dozen’s. Here are some
 highlights from the shower I did for my dear friend Gina…
When planning a shower, or any type of party….remember this, if you remember NOTHING else.
For example, when speaking of baby shower’s, if you mom-to-be is a chic, stylish, mom on the go…do not pick pastel baby blocks to be your party theme, etc. You get the idea.
For Gina…business owner, lieutenant wife, classy mom of one…this point get’s illustrated perfectly.
I chose a Friday night, chocolate fondue party. This screamed GINA and isn’t that who and what we were celebrating. These days, stepping out of the box, is welcomed. Plan your party for your guest. Little touches, just for them!
First of all meet Gina…
yes she’s sitting criss-cross legged, opening her presents while 8 months prego.
Good thing she’s so nice…
Here are some party details:
Shower colors: red, aqua, black and white (colors of Joie’s Nursery)
I ordered a plain cake for $16 at Costco. Took a black and white photo to the bakery at Bel Air and for just $4 they created an edible transfer. I was able to add this to my cake at home, along with some ribbon. We have a personalized cake of Mom and Big sis Ella kissing her soon to be baby sissy for $20…and it feeds 48! (oh and the box it comes in, turned upside down and covered with cloth napkins, becomes the perfect stand to show off your creation.)
I took Oreos (conveniently red filled from Christmas time) and dipped them in white chocolate, sprinkle candy, and topped with aqua hand made chocolates in adorable little baby shapes. Placed in little baggies with coordinating ribbon, and a clear plastic pacifier…about .25 cents per favor.

A diaper cake is instantly for the modern mama, when done up with red satin, and a combo of black and white ribbons, topped in an adorable modern diapered baby cake topper.

Red Roses, specialty drinks with ice cubes that had frozen raspberries inside, and Chocolate Fondue Fountain with all kinds of fruits, pretzels, and desserts perfect for dipping, all surrounded our diaper cake…set on a bar height table, it was the perfect area for hanging around and chatting….and dipping.

a wonderful evening to celebrate Gina, Ella, and Joie (and o.k. dad/hubby and crime fighting superhero Tod)…..
Meet Joie…

Happy Baby Shower Days to all of you…..xo.

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Heartwarming Party.

Taylor came to me a couple of months ago with a party idea from her American Girl Magazine. It was to have a heartwarming party.  We could get together with friends, everyone bring their own fleece. and make items for charity. We decided on a mom/daughter party where we could make blankets for Shriner’s Children’s hospital.

I was determined to shush the inner party planner in me and let the girls take the lead on this one. They picked out the evite, the time and day of the party, and made up the guest list. They chose the snacks, drinks, and decorations. I did pretty good, staying out of their way. It was super fun to watch these girls plot and plan.
They spent Saturday morning make hearts to hang from the ceiling. Cameron (my new chef boy) made cookies and we served hot chocolate and waters.
We took over the downstairs and the girls went to work…

After a couple hours of flying fleece and knot tying lessons, we had 5 adorable blankets made for some waiting children who may need them for some comfy snuggle time.
We also had 5 adorable girlies who had fun testing them out.

I’m so proud of our girls…tomorrow we will be off to take them to Shriner’s….

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American Idol Party.

Sixth birthday party time for Taylor…There was no question for her, it was going to be American Idol. We had just moved into a new home and had a whole room with no furniture….so it became a stage. 
Each of the girls had a contestant number….

Karaoke was the hit of the night. Thankfully no Simon or judges to critique them (although I did think about it for a half a second)….

There were lots of costume changes…

and lots of fun…

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Taylor’s Tea Party.

This party was had when our baby girl was turning 5 years old. She was enamored with my friends, much more then a lot of the kids her age. We decided to have a tea party for her with “grown ups”. She couldn’t have been more pleased. She chose the menu including sandwiches, peppers, and the yummy “orange chicken salad” from Jack in the Box. Of course there was cake, chocolate covered strawberries, and pink milk. All of the delicious treats were served to us by Shawn and Cameron, which worked perfect to keep them involved in the girly fun!

All the place cards were hand written by Taylor and we bought fairy notepads for each of the ladies to take home.

We dug out my grandma’s china and had lots of toy friends, twinkle lights, and bubbles. I collected things from all over the house and it was amazing how much ended up in one room.

There was plenty of girl talk, bubble blowing, and tea drinking all around the table.

It was such a fun afternoon and a big hit with Taylor. When it was all over, I made a special little scrapbook of the party for her. She still looks at today. Overall it was a very inexpensive party and very little work to put together. When party planning for you child, think about the things that they love to do and who they love to be with. Look around your house and outside of the box…you never know what you can come up with and the memories will last a lifetime!

Happy Party Planning and Birthday Celebrating to you!

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Emma’s Fancy Nancy Tea Party.

Emma had been waiting for her tea party ever since she was old enough to look at her sister’s album from her tea party. We went with a Fancy Nancy Tea Party for Emma. I fell in love with Fancy Nancy as soon as I saw her, she reminds me of Emma. Emma loves her too…

We fancied up the dining room, with lots of girly~ness, rose petals on the floor, boa’s on the chandelier, and twinkly lights wrapped through fabric on the ceiling.
We had a nice little spread of sandwiches, snacks, and pink milk.
the little girls loved every minute…

…toasted with their fruit loops in plastic champagne glasses

…and celebrated with Emma as she blew out her candles

and for the mommy entertainment…a pinata with a bunch of little ones dressed fancy…

…a wonderful afternoon party. With a bunch of special young ladies.

Happy Birthday Emma. xo.
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