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So Close

You know how there is real reality and then emotional reality?

Reality is escrow was delayed for the third time. Emotionally it sorta feels like we may never move in. This real estate journey has been long.


I’m feeling just as I was feeling one night when I was sitting outside my home on Guanache Ct in Sacramento. I was 36.5 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I was 1.5 weeks into a 3 week bed rest. I had a firm end date because this baby inside of me was a giant and they would be evicting him at 38 weeks. Yet, still I sat outside drinking hot cocoa, wrapped in a blanket and crying because I felt like he was never coming out. I also knew after three previous children, that there would come a day that I would so desperately miss having that little guy in my belly. Sure enough he came out, all 10.6 lbs of him. Sure enough I miss having him in my belly…desperately.

I have no pregnancy hormones to blame. Just feeling unsettled and so ready for our own place. So, I am bummed.


We had a big weekend planned. Lots of people planning and ready to help us do some work on our new home. Moving stuff out of our Uhaul Pods and into the garage. Time in my home with my paint deck and pencil and notepad to pick paint colors.



All that has been changed. Change is hard right now because we have all had a lot, but the reality is we will close on the house soon. We will look back on the days in this house and miss them. I know we will.


I am SO grateful to be purchasing this home and I am so excited to move in. Like Christmas morning times a million excited.

And so we wait….


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The Post That Changed me

I’m driving along one morning and my kids and I begin talking about having chickens and goats and how fun that would be. My kids were pretty excited about the thought. So I post, “my kids are begging me to live on a farm”. That was the beginning of a big giant hug from God straight from heaven for my soul…and while I can often be a fan of the choice to exaggerate. I assure you this is not one of those times.


I almost immediately get an instant message from a woman that I didn’t know except through an inquiry for a photo session with me. The timing had not worked out and we had exchanged a couple of emails regarding it, but that was about it. She let me know that she had a home, that her and her husband were looking for tenants. We could have chickens and goats there. We arranged to look at it in about three hours. I did what any normal person would do. I google earthed that sucker and then I did a drive by. I was giddy. G I D D Y.


On the way over to see the home, I was praying that I would love this home. We have lived in a LOT of homes and I am grateful for them all, but let’s be honest, some I just want to pet the walls every time I go inside and some not so much. For the last 7 years we had been in a rental that was pretty void of any character. The neighborhood was rapidly declining. After my kids had to be brought inside because of a hostage situation two blocks over, we had witnessed the staging for a swat team raid through our bedroom window, they had shut down our neighborhood because there were several burglars on the loose (on a Tuesday morning), and my son had been offered drugs in front of my home, I was really ready to leave. {Might I add this was all within a couple of month period}. I know longer felt safe there. As I was praying about this new home, I think I ended my prayer with something so profound like and Lord let there be slate.


* our home for seven years. great memories but we were happy to move on.

You know sometimes how you know you know and you know? I just knew this was going to be fabulous. Indeed when I pulled up I fell in love before walking in and every step of the way through the house got better and better. It is a gorgeous home… Then came the bathrooms. Two of them. Head to toe all dressed up in slate. Give. Me. A. Break.


I asked if I could bring my husband back right after work and we let them know of course we would love to move in. Not a police helicopter or drug dealer in sight either. Imagine. An established neighborhood with long time homeowners….and our landlords live on the property, next door. AND they own an alarm company. Go ahead burglars, break into the home with all the alarm trucks in the driveway. Safety everywhere. Just what my heart needed.


…and not just physically. To meet Ron and Joany is to love them…and fast and furiously we did. We had every comfort our hearts could want while living in this home. They provided repairs and upgrades for our comfort without a moment’s hesitation. They didn’t just rent a home to us. They invited us into their lives and their home and property. They shared with us and cared for us and it wasn’t long until my nine year old happily exclaimed that she had another grandma and papa. My heart smiled. Big. 


*this house came with my own private photo studio in my backyard. Abandon railroad tracks and gorgeous fields.

Not too long after we moved in, a lot of things in our lives started turning upside-down and it became quickly apparent that God had provided a safe place in the midst of a storm. A beautiful home of peace, safety, refuge…and chickens. And the reassuring words of my now dear friend…”God has brought us into each other’s lives for such a time as this.”


For these precious people were fighting their own battles as well as Joany is fighting stage 4 breast cancer. The level of dignity and grace this woman and her husband possesses is nothing short of heavenly. Her son recently posted this on Facebook, I hope he doesn’t mind that I steal it, but it couldn’t describe Joany better….

Reading Proverbs 31 today. Love what my sister in law said about my mom “You are a flesh and blood Proverbs 31 Woman”. 
“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come… Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

We moved out shortly after Christmas as God called us to Missouri. It was ridiculously heartbreaking to leave that refuge. I shed so many tears over it, but I continually prayed that I would not hold too tightly and thank God so deeply for the gift He gave us in our time there.


Today Joany’s care has turned from treatment to comfort and her spirit is not broken and if her’s is not, darn it mine will not be either. I have been so touched reading all the outpouring from her friends and family on her Facebook page. For while I feel like I have known this family for years, the reality is last year at this time I didn’t know who they were. It has been beautiful to hear how many people adore them and see just how deeply. How precious are the ways of God, truly. How God can intertwine paths and hearts.


We only lived on our farm for a short 9 months. What I thought was a long term move was in deed something all together different. In my heart I wish that we had had many years there. I truly wanted to raise my kids in that home. With Ron and Joany, healthy, next door. That’s what I wanted. But the Lord gave us those nine months to heal and be safe and be loved in the best way possible because when it comes straight from Him it is just perfect and I doubt that Ron or Joany can fully understand how God used them, their love for us, and that home in our lives. It changed me.


I pray God can use me like that in someone’s life, for if so, it will be a life time very well spent. Here is a woman who didn’t know me from Adam and brought her best friends over to walk through and pray over the home before we moved in. I could go on and on…But I will tell you one of my very favorite things about Joany, she listens. She listens with a heart of gold and when you are talking she makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world. What a gift. The other favorite thing is her love for Jesus. It’s all over her.

I trust in God’s perfect timing and as it appears that Joany will be meeting our Savior before I will I think of my heartache, the heartache of her friends, family, and her husband and how great it will be. I am so very much comforted and happy in the thought that she will be in paradise. Truly. Free from any more pain and suffering and while she will no longer be a text away, she will be in my heart. For she has imprinted it for a lifetime.

I just needed to document this last year. It’s painful for all that it held. And the tears pour as I type, but they also pour because it is so stinkin’ beautiful how God works. To truly see the hands and feet of Jesus. I needed them, I needed that farm…I am so grateful.

Bless you dear friends.

and Joany…may you rest in perfect peace today, tomorrow, and always. I know you love words, and I search for the right ones, but you and your life have exceeded them in my book, my friend. You are so precious to me.


The Other Side

This isn’t death, it’s glory. It isn’t dark, it’s light.

It isn’t stumbling, groping, Or even faith, it’s sight!

This isn’t grief, it’s having My last tear wiped away.

It’s sunrise, it’s the morning Of my eternal day!

This isn’t even praying, It’s speaking face to face.

It’s listening, and it’s glimpsing The wonders of His Grace.

This is the end of pleading  For strength to bear my pain

Not even pain’s dark memory Will ever live again.

How did I bear the earth life Before I came up higher,

Before my soul was granted It’s every deep desire.

Before I knew this rapture Of meeting face to face

That One who sought and saed me, And kept me by His Grace

Martha Snell Nicholson






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The Beginning. Our Classroom 2013-2014

I was SO excited when we moved into our current home to make this huge garage a room. Music lessons, school, sleepovers, parties….I was giddy really. HUGE project and not much funds to do it. Challenge accepted.

About 60% in to completion and we are now moving to Missouri. I think somewhere inside myself I may have had a tantrum that I could never finish this room, but really what’s a girl to do? Silver lining? Every single home I have looked at in Missouri has big fat giant basements, so lets just say I am 60% ahead of the game when I get there and call it a day. I have a great start and am excited to finish it.

Proverbs 16:9.

So, should I point out what I was going to do? Hmmm, I think I shall not for the sake of potentially sounding like a whiner. It’ll be like a where’s waldo game blog post. Find the unfinished projects, the empty spots, the burned out lightbulb, the calendars dated October when it is November, etc. o.k.? o.k.? I commit to not talk about how I was going to decorate the chalkboards cutely, get fresh flowers, wait for correct lighting, vacuum, and all of the other things swirling in my head to make these pictures cute. I won’t do it. I won’t, I tell you. 😉 So, enough chatting. Let us go on a photo tour…..focus on the beginnings and the fabulous deals God gave me in this project because there was alot.

I had a VERY clean and finished walls with a bay window to begin with. A huge step in the right direction at the starting line.



moving day…one of the last times the big garage door would be opened.


fabulous school room red front door? yes please.

first step, carpet! a huge change already.



vintage theatre seating ($20), school desk($40), and zebra rugs($10) from Craig’s.



This room is comfy cozy, I tell ya. We LOVE it! It is big enough we can all be in here during the day on not be totally on top of each other. It is my favorite space we have had so far in our homeschool days.



I am a firm believer in class pets. If you can kinda tell there hanging in the window is a parrot. She is from Ikea. She received a coat of gold spray paint upon purchase and she is super well behaved.


I used tissue pom pons to hide the garage door opener. Long lengths of material from a fabric outlet, trimmed out with fabulous tassels and feathers and such from Hobby Lobby.


o.k. the story on this art box. We had a fridge that we didn’t want to part with just yet and didn’t want to look at it either, so I came up with the idea to make a box for chalk boards and magnet walls and hide the fridge inside. I asked my neighbor and look what he did? Oh yeah, did it all. So, much better than what was in my head. So fun, right? We use it all the time.

He’s a superhero type of guy.


Big bulb Christmas lights, maps, white boards, and posters line the wood wall. The wood wall is actually covering the garage door, which is still functional but hidden because we want to pretend we are not in a garage.


I purchase 4 4×8 panels from Lowe’s. They were already this color and were kinda a splurge, but an important one. $160 for an 8 foot tall and 16 foot wide distraction.


Files for each student, calendars, president charts, and spelling lists…


The shell chandelier was on clearance 80 percent off at Pier One. It plugs nicely into the ceiling where a plug was present for the garage door. I purchased a remote control for $15 at Lowes so we can turn it on and off without climbing a ladder. I should have purchased a clapper because that would have been more fun. #claponclapofftheclapper

This cutesy white shelf reminded me of one in the fabulous Ms Amy’s darling room and I picked it up off of Craigs for $50. I filled it with some fun little trinkets including that fabulous vintage camera that Cara surprised me with when I started my photography business.




Cutest clock in the world? yup. $20 at Ikea. $10 for the sticker and $10 for the actual clock. Those evil genius’ did it again.

The chicken wire made its way back in to this room. Floor to ceiling to hold lots of art projects and important things.


I am mildly obsessed with black and white stripes and Good Will pictures for as low as .49 cents.



Red couch? Craigs came through again. $50. In perfect shape.




true antique typewriters, little girl doodles, and chalkboard painted lockers for the win.


Be Still and know that I am God.

It was the only vinyl that I could find to fit in this space. God sure knew that I would need to hear that a lot this year.

Happy Homeschooling…

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Setting Up Home

It has been three months in our new home. It seems like we have always lived here. Yet, in reality it’s been a blink of an eye. Long enough, though, that a deep cleaning is sitting not so patiently at the top of my to do list.


I have this glorious idea of wanting to take pictures when we move in and move out of everywhere we live. However, taking pictures of your house is a somewhat enormous job. I clean, my toddler destroys it as fast as I can clean it and I somehow manage to snap pictures in between it all. When you load them you see dust, cords, crooked pictures, strange paint shades, spots on furniture, random toys peeking from under couches. All things that aren’t there in real life, I promise.

You re shoot, he re destroys, you go for the real life look.

It’s no small task.



I snapped a few the other day, but I far prefer the shots that just happen as we live here and the moments take place that turn into our photographs. Our home and surroundings become the backdrop for the main attraction, which is family and all that it entails.




This porch. This house will forever be referred to as the house with THE PORCH.


It wraps around three sides of the house and we are in love.


I remember one of the first shots of our yard that I posted, I had SO many comments about how we were going to care for the yard and what a big job it would be. It surprised me as I was thinking I’ll cut each blade of grass personally with a pair of hand scissors if it means having this amount of space to run and play and a view like we have.

God had other ideas. He provides. Now I have kids who beg to help with chores.



Our big project for the summer is turning our garage into our bonus room for school and music lessons. It is a huge space and I am stalking Craigslist to make it happen. It’s going to function beautifully for us. I can’t wait to get it done!


I also have a photography studio in my backyard. God really makes the best ones. Mine is complete with abandoned railroad tracks.   It’s dreamy, I tell ya and I am in love with my first official little client.



We have lived in many homes over the years. Burnt orange shag carpet to granite slab. This is my favorite one on all accounts.

 I do not take one square inch for granted.

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Moving Day


*Goodbye old house

This post is like a month past due! It took about 4 times as long to unpack as I suspected. Which is funny, because that is the exact number of helpers I had that slowed this whole thing down. 🙂 My husband’s favorite thing to say these days is, “It’ll all get done. Don’t worry.” I have had a couple of near minor meltdowns, but mostly just enjoying our beautiful new home so much, I can hardly stand it.


* I am not sure I totally agree with moving and easier ever in the same sentence

The combination of my spring allergies and a nasty cold that spread though the troops added a whole new level to the unpacking process. The colds are gone and I am anxiously awaiting the departure of the allergies as well.


*Auntie Nicole playing with Greyson before bed in his new room

Life is beginning to feel more normal. It has been four weeks today since moving day, but I do still sort of feel like I am on some weird unpacking vacation in a resort house.


We are figuring out new routines, where everything is in our ginormous kitchen, and enjoying the peace and quiet of the country.


*Every country home with a wrap around porch comes with a swing, right?

Actual moving day was such a gift. We had so many people come to help. Three hours and five minutes to bring the entire contents of our old house to our new house. We had done a little bit of moving prior, but the bulk of it was done by the fabulous peeps that helped us.


It was the very first party of many in this new house. Moving, sweating, eating cheap pizza, and prayer for our new place. Good times.


*The most important part

Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Meant the world to us! Thanks!


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Our Classroom 2012-2013

Welcome to our class.

We have turned the area that was designed to be a formal sitting room and a formal dining room in our home into our classroom and my office. We have school here about 90% of the time. Occasionally we take our studies elsewhere {to the park, etc} BUT we honestly prefer our classroom. Its calm and relaxing in here, our stuff is here, and this space is designated learning space. We use it and we love it. I feel very blessed to have the extra space in our home to have it.

I have changed the layout a bit this year, expanded the table, and separated some of the areas away from each other. Last year, we had everything for the kids crammed into this one room and it was just too much. It was fine when there were no humans in here, but once they came in, it was too crowded. Slamming lockers, typing keyboards, and opening drawers and such while students were in their seats created chaos. You get the idea.

So this year our $40 Craigs list table expanded, received a fresh coat of paint, and we purchased some new sturdy chairs. It sits in here all by its lonesome. When you add myself and my four kids this space is maxed out.

I found some condiment caddy’s on clearance at Target that make getting supplies easy. I filled them with some Trader Joes salsa jars and all of our stuff is easy to see and grab. Do the kids constantly spin them during school? Why, yes they do.

I used some old wood from the garage for a simple reminder that hangs in plain sight. All. The. Time. It’s so One Thousand Gifts-ish. There are so many blessings overflowing. I never wanna forget.

I finally did it. After three years of drooling, I dropped the cold hard cash at Ikea and bought the map. I haven’t looked back. Oh, we love it and not just for school. It’s just awesome and H U G E and pretty and lovely. I have a thing for maps.

We have no overhead lighting, so we have to do the plug in. This post inspired this lamp. The basket is a trash can from the dollar tree and I had the cord already from Ikea. I simply cut a hole in the bottom of the basket with scissors and threaded the cord through. Voila. Light for a dollar.

Multiple fabrics become a giant cord cover. Maybe, the longest in history.

A wall of  fun and useful things is behind the table. Garage sale finds, things repurposed, and birthday presents make up this collage. Hobby Lobby sells white board inserts. This 18×24 size was just $7.99. It’s pretty fabulous inside this frame that I already owned. The chicken wire extravaganza was a $2 garage sale frame with some wire stapled in. The frames and mirror up top were .50 cent garage sale finds and some scrapbook paper and a pictures of my lovelies. While I was at Hobby Lobby purchasing my white board that scrolly oval frame and the S just jumped in my cart. I was forced. I had no options.

I used an old picture to coat with chalkboard paint and drew my own calendar. Let’s be honest, my handwriting is just awful, but there is something so fabulous about the chalkboard situation. I love them almost as much as I love maps. I am going to have Emma create September.

One of my favorite quotes ever, or questions rather is What is it you plan to do with your ONE WILD and precious life? Thank you to this adorable little shop on Etsy and happy birthday to me.

My office became combined with the computer area for the kids, their lockers, and our inboxes. It’s working beautifully. I tried and tried on furniture lay out to get this all in here and was stumped. My sister had the genius idea to put this computer table up against my desk. It’s just awesome. Thanks sis! It is main priority to keep the computer right out in the open. Mission accomplished.

Kid’s lockers tuck right in the corner.

Each child has an inbox and a whole bunch of papers wait for me there.

The Ikea Expedit collection is my best friend. All of my teacher books, science kits, extra school supplies, scrapbooking stuff, camera gear, and the kitchen sink is safely stored outta sight in this bookshelf. It’s mine. All mine. No Students allowed.

I also don’t share this. It sits on my desk. Its fantastic. It spins too. Yes, I spin it during class.

Both of these spaces are right inside our front door. I love the romper room kid stuff, but I don’t want to look at it all the time. So, we try to maintain a little bit of pretty in here. I will show you soon where I have my secret romper room for school learning stuff. It’s fun if you like that kind of thing.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Schooling!

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The 36th AVENUE

Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

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Week 33. Coloring Parties, Books, and Makeovers.

I love to color. I don’t care if I am 40. Newly sharpened crayons rock. Ever since the kids were little we have had coloring parties.

Stacks of coloring books with big spaces for coloring, those little detailed pictures annoy me. This year on my sweet 12 year old daughter’s birthday, she requested a long overdue coloring party. Our neighbors, who also homeschool, joined us. There were seven kids in the house (ages 2 months through 16). I am not sure why people make such a fuss over homeschool kids being the unsocialized ones.

All of our curriculum for next year has arrived. I love that it is all here and I have four months-ish to look through it, get it ready, and figure out ways to make my kiddies fall in love with 2nd, 7th, and 8th grade.

I have a philosophy that is driven not just by my own personal love for change, but rather actual common sense. If my kids attended school outside of our home, each year would be different. It’s own somewhat stand alone chapter. A different routine, different classroom look and feel, different expectations, and different schedule. I whole heartedly buy into this concept.

…and so the great yearly makeover has begun.

First, if you are new around here, let me catch you up to speed on my psychoticness hard work.

Year one of homeschool brought no clue of what I was doing and a traditional style classroom in our 5th bedroom downstairs. It was a fun place complete with class fish. However, half way through the year, I was irritated beyond belief by my romper room status and a makeover ensued.

Then I got pregnant and we made the decision not to send the kids back to school. I quickly realized that a separate classroom in the back of the house that was just 12×15 would not work for a teacher, three children, a newborn, and an onslaught of baby apparatuses. SO we (meaning I, my poor husband was probably at work and never really knows for certain what the house might look like when he returns) made the decision to move the classroom up into the front of the house that was intended to be a formal dining room and sitting room.

Year two of school commenced with a classroom in the front of the house, that for the life of me I can’t totally remember what it looked like. A combination of continual obsessive rearranging, insane allergies, and the fact that I am forty are my current excuses. I do know that this was one of the walls.

Year three of school, brought us to yet another classroom with the addition of the chicken wire wall and new lockers.  That chicken wire wall has made my heart sing all year long. But as all good things do, it too must come to an end. This past year we also added a first grade closet and I had a fun little office. It has worked well.

The fact of the matter is that we do change up a lot of stuff each year and I love a new start and what it does for all of us. This year we are getting rid of the workboxes for my older two. They are both in middle school now and are going to move to these planners instead. WHICH I would like to point out that the white colored one that my daughter will be using has a glow in the dark spiral binding. I think that is important. We also decided to bring the computer into the classroom. It used to be at the built in desk upstairs, but as the kids get older and do more on the computer, we decided that the computer needs to be right out in the open. 🙂 . I also have found as the kids have gotten physically bigger the layout needs to work just a bit different. I need to separate the areas where they are up and around (like the lockers) from the areas where study is going on.  Finally, I do have a thirteen year old son now and while I wish to permanently reside in Neverland, I am trying to grow up our learning rooms a bit.

First stop has been the paint. It literally broke my heart to paint over my Ralph Lauren Shale Blue. However it has been six years and it needed a paint job. I went with a cream color. I can honestly say that I have never chosen a white or off white paint in my life. I’m trying something new.

I have a thing for maps. I love them. I really want one of those vintage pull down types like I imagine Laura Ingalls used. That would be glorious. However, my split decorating personality has also fallen in love with the four foot by six foot canvas map at Ikea. It is fabulous and will find the perfect home on that big giant wall. I have been eyein’ that thing for three years now, at least.

We have a lot of commotion and happy chaos in our house and I really need the learning rooms to be more mellow. Calm, cool, and collected, so that when you throw our crazy into it, it is the perfect blend of fabulous.

I’ve got plans…in progress….as usual and I am considering bringing back the class fish.

Thank goodness for Craig’s List. I would be quite lost without it.

Just three more weeks until summer.

Can I get an AMEN? !!!!!

and since I have overloaded you with links tonight, I thought I would add a couple more.

There is nothing like a good holiday to send blog land into a sea of fantastically sentimental posts adorned with gratitude, delicious eats, and some of biggest tug at your heartstring kid pictures around.

So without further adieu, My favorite Mother’s Day Posts…

Enjoying the Small Things   Kelle Hamptons writing leaves me LoL’ing all the time.

Living the Yeh Life   My friend Cara rocks the camera like no other and being a camera phob, I love her for it.

Life According to the Christians   Perspective.

Blissful Blooms    I am now craving donuts, thanks Amy 😉 xo.

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Big Spender

I spent $8.23 this weekend.

Friday morning I got up around ten {thank you hubs} and decided to go for a walk. All additional 5 family members and the dog joined me. I passed a garage sale in the neighborhood and found some unbelievable cuteness. {Thankfully my 13 year old was along with his cash in pocket because I left the house with nothing but my phone and some water.}

Janie and Jack shorts {on average about $30}, Children’s Place Jacket, and Sprockets Jacket. I paid $1.50 for the three items which all look brand new.

Janie and Jack overalls with a crab on them? Yes please {average about $45}. Pediped shoes {average about $30}. I paid $.50 and splurged on the shoes at $3.00. Both of these items were definitely unworn.

So, in case you lost track thats about $150 worth of cuteness for just $5.

I’m Giddy.

Ever since Christmas, I have had a wall that has been begging for attention. You see at Christmas, most of the house decor gets traded out for the Christmas decor and nothing ever returns to its prior place. I found a plant and a couple of pictures in the garage in my pile of I can’t get rid of you yet items. Then I swiped three plates out of the pantry and hung them on the wall.

There might be a time when one has too much chicken wire in their home and I am dangerously close. However, there was a roll of extra after my classroom wall of chicken wire, so I stapled a couple of strips on the wall. I took some clothes pins and covered them with scrapbook paper and hung up some pictures.

Next, I hit Lowes where I bought a couple of fence boards for $3.23. The nice young man cut them to size and I brought them home to stain. I now have a huge area to hang whatever fun things I want. Since this space is over my littlest guy’s toy land, family pictures definitely fit the bill. I need to get a couple of other fun things to hang in the mix. Maybe this or this.

A little robbing Peter to pay Paul can get you places.

All in all, I am out $8.23 and I am one happy girl.


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The Chalkboard

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A Miniature World.

Enter a world where the mom, baby, and housekeeper, sit down to a mid day lunch of potatoes, candied apples, Fritos, cheese, chocolate cake, and coke. I’m so totally in. Sounds dreamy.

Look closer…doesn’t it all look yummy?

I took an extra week off of school at the holidays this year, so I could have a week to deal with post Christmas mess and repair. It was great decision. I was able to spend 2 whole days cleaning out our garage while sorting and repacking Christmas. I started to dig through some of the boxes of things from my childhood.

For Christmas, the year I turned 11, I received a big Victorian dollhouse kit. You know the cool wooden kind? My dad built it for me. I remember he put it on a board covered with fake grass that could wheel around my room. The house was totally tricked out with 80’s wallpaper and real working lights. Over the years it became completely furnished and I remember spending hours rearranging, decorating, and creating my little dream home. I loved it. Unfortunately, today I can’t find a single picture of the completed house.

When we were first married, we moved a lot and circumstances did not allow for me to keep the huge and fragile house very easily. At the time, it was better off to sell. However, I did keep most of the furniture and accessories.

A few days ago the girls and I unwrapped each miniature piece. There were plenty of ooh’s and aah’s and despite the fact that I am 40, I am still fairly smitten with it. It’s so dang cute. Everything is so dang teeny tiny.

After the appropriate fuss was made over each piece I left the room and let the girls set up the house. It was a makeshift house with no walls that covered our entire school table. It was complete with a working toaster, ping pong table, perfume bottles, fruit bowl, and gum ball machine. All the essentials.

My eleven year old was questioning why they don’t make toys like this anymore. I told her I thought that pre teens these days were more interested in electronics. She declared this is way cooler than an iPod. I agree. Whole heartedly.

The mini house still remains on our table. We schooled around it today. I am not sure what to do with it all and I can’t stand to pack it up just yet. I am so glad I kept it.

It would rock if I had a guest room and could display it in a fancy Victorian house just for kicks. In a busy homeschooling household of six, that hardly seems possible or practical.

While my wheels spin on where to put all of my treasures, my girls will continue to create magical scenes out of these fragile and outdated spectacular furnishings. I love watching their imaginations. I love that they GET how very fragile these pieces are and they treat them like gold. My little crazy balls of energy become perfect little dainty ladies trying to manipulate potatoes that are the size of a grain of rice.

The whole thing just makes me smile.

Happy Monday.

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