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Miscellany Monday

1. The first day of school. Somebody needs to write a catchy song about it. I’d sing it loudly. Oh wait, come to think of it, I think Nemo took care of that…

 2. We are getting our family photos done tonight! I can’t wait. After 3 months with my photography business officially opened, I have learned that I am not the only one that doesn’t enjoy being in front of the camera. However, having pictures of my sweet family all together will be worth it. We haven’t had a family photo done since 2002. Shame.

3. I dusted off the sewing machine. Our new classroom does not have overhead lighting and so we had to go with a plug in style of light and well, there is cords. My sister suggested a long cord cover of multiple fabrics. For $10 the problem is solved. If it can’t be hidden, flaunt it. Amen?

4. Pinterest taught me how to clean burner thingys. Turns out that Pinterest is a useful site for more than just pinning. Carefully pour 1/4 cup of ammonia in a big ziploc bag. Put the burner in there and seal that bad boy up. Leave overnight. DO NOT LEAVE ON AN OUTDOOR WOODEN TABLE because something funky may happen where the ammonia might start to lift up the stain. Hypothetically speaking. Once you pull the burner things out of the bag in the morning, the goop wipes right off, with no scrubbing. The fumes is what does it apparently. There is no need to soak the burner. Ammonia is powerful stuff, the fumes will kill ya, but it’s worth it.

5. I love the people where we live and I am grateful for my home BUT somebody needs to talk to somebody about the people who build the stuff where we live. Its itty bitty strip mall after itty bitty strip mall. Completely void of color or interesting things to look out. The houses are pretty much the same with the exception of a couple of neighborhoods. I was home in the bay area recently and even this parking garage looked fun. I swear I almost went in, even with no need to park.

6. Shark Tank. I’m totally addicted.

7. I updated my About Me page. Check it out on the upper right hand part of your screen.

8. I love this boy. I  C A N  N O T   B E L I E V E  he is almost 2. Seems like yesterday.

Happy Monday.

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Miscellany Monday

1. In the summer months, we are members of one of those swanky gyms that has every thing. You can’t beat the price for all you get. Bang for your buck for sure. Without further aideu, I give you my baby 16 ish feet in the air. This one is scrappy, I tell ya.

2. Impromptu photos say a lot about a person. For example, this photo says “I want to be a dancer”. In addition to, “I want to live permanently attached to my mommy’s hip, cuz she rocks and I love her.”

4. If you have a weak stomach, think about not reading this here number four. If you want a life changing secret, please continue. Grout is terrible. My kitchen grout has caused me to live two steps short of a heart attack every time I look at it for quite some time. I have bought multiple expensive products to clean it, that did not work. I resorted to scraping at it with the prong of a fork. No Luck. I will lay aside my pride to show you how amazing this is.

Before the phone call where my sister said to mix bleach and water 50/50 in a spray bottle and then spray on the counter, let it sit for 20 minutes and then clean with a grout brush. (Lowes).

After the phone call where my sister said to mix bleach and water 50/50 in a spray bottle and then spray on the counter, let it sit for 20 minutes and then clean with a grout brush. (Lowes). Photos are straight off my phone with zero editing and I have pledged my eternal devotion to my sister.

5. There is a neighborhood by my house that every street is a phrase of America The Beautiful. I find that odd. I am as patriotic as the next person, but this just MIGHT be taking it a bit far.

6. Due to the questionable decision of a certain street namer, garage sale signs appear and say strange things like- Garage Sale xxxx Broad Stripes Way.  Take it a step further. Yes, hello there, I’d like a large pepperoni and could you please deliver it to 4756 Purple Mountain Majesties.

7. I am almost done with the school room. However, in the middle of that project, I decided to line my kitchen shelves, clean my grout, and redo the girls room. #ohlookachicken.

8. This picture that I have had for AGES and I bought for .49 cents at Ross is getting a make over to become a calendar. Post coming soon.

9. I have a full day today. We are out of butter and my teenager won’t stop wearing a hat until we buy more “hair stuff”. I have a head board to install, laundry hampers to recover, the park to play at, a nap to take, a yummy new salad for dinner, and a fun photo shoot tonight. Somewhere in there I will sneak in a run.

10. Two weeks left of summer and then this blogging in bed at 9:42 am will have to stop.

Happy Monday.

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Miscellany Monday

1. We did it! I got to meet my sweet, sweet, online modern day pen pal, blogging friend Cara. She was about 3 hours from me visiting family and we met up for dinner. Oh, how fun. She’s tall like me and we talked non stop for four hours AND she brought me a present, an antique green camera because I am just starting my Green Jeans Photography business. Too Sweet! Love that girl!


2. I love the nicely lined shelves, but I HATE doing it. I also have never liked any of the patterns that I have found in store and I refuse to spend like $20 a roll online. Recently, at Target, it all changed. I am a sucker for anything black and white. Oh, the cuteness. Seven drawers down and like 4,657 in the house left to go. #wayworthitintheend

3. I laced up the running shoes last night and went for a run. I have been kickboxing and swimming the last couple of weeks and boy did the run feel amazing. I love to run. I still can’t believe it, myself.

5. I had plans to get all my scrapbooks caught up this summer, but instead, as it turns out I am spending my time this summer getting the house in better shape. Updating little things like soap dispensers and doormats. Deep cleaning things like grout and touching up paint (which is really more like repainting whole walls). Organizing and reorganizing. Yes, shelf lining. Gutting my girls bedroom and starting from scratch, switching decor all over the house, and repurposing. It’s a magnificent feeling. Since we began homeschooling, we are home ALL THE TIME. Things get used and used well.

6. School is approaching Q U I C K L Y. Posts on my planning strategies coming soon.

7. This Friday I am going kayaking on a lake at night with friends. Grown up friends. Can. Not. Wait. Glow sticks will be involved. I’m so in.

8. There is only 148 days until Christmas. I know, right?

9. We are still eating as unprocessed as possible around here. I am still learning, trying new recipes, and figuring out tips and tricks. It’s been an amazing journey. A couple of my friends are coming over this week and I will pass on what I have learned to them. #payitforward

10. Do you know about You Version? It is an amazing site. I just learned about it recently. I am following their online plan to read through the Bible in 90 days and am currently on day 42. They have all kinds of reading plans and things. Check it out.

11. Last week, at 12:34 am, at an out of the way AMPM and while at the pump, I learned a very valuable lesson. A Merecedes does not start when the battery in the key goes dead. After about 14 texts to various people {who were all sleeping} and an almost dead cell phone, one of my lovelies was awake and came and rescued me at about 1:30am. To avoid any potential unplanned gas station slumber parties, I am remedying this situation in three ways: I am buying this. I put two extra batteries in the glove compartment of the car. I am putting a 3×5 card of names and numbers of people who will put up with any nonsense I might get myself into and come and rescue me at any hour of the day or night in my wallet. BECAUSE thanks to cell phones, I now know longer know anybodies phone numbers by heart. If my phone dies…um…PROBLEM.

12. Fall is coming. Cooler weather. Hoodies. All things pumpkin. Here’s to hoping my toddler will wear adorable hats.

 13. I get the privilege of worshipping each Sunday with my hubby leading. He’s so good at it. I love him.


Be Fabulous!


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All Kinds of Fantasticness

1. I went to an antique store recently and found my new best friend in an old blue mason jar. It had a rusty lid and begged me to take him home. Fortunately, I had recently seen this and so I made this. Yes, it does make doing dishes a whole lot more fun.

2. Some birthday money brought me to Nordstrom to buy some little girl sandals for ME. Saltwaters for adults can be found in the kids department. They make me happy and when I wear them I feel like I’m eight again. Nothin’ wrong with that!!!!

3. My transmission was going out on my van with 160,000 miles on it. I am not a mechanic and my musician husband sings so well that there is a chance that if he broke it into some musical ballad the transmission might decide to fix itself. However, the Lord chose to spare us that route and my parents texted me on a Wednesday at approximately 3:04 and said, “Would you trust us to gift you with a new car?”. I believe I said something like “what???????????????????????”. At approximately 6:48 that night, they roll up in my driveway with this…. Yeah I’m not kidding. We have been working so hard at our finances for the last 29 months. We cut up all credit and deal on a cash only, debt free system. It’s tough and makes no sense in this world. God answers with unbelievable abundance and blessing. Every time I get in my new ride I feel like I am driving down the street in a big giant wrapped up hug from God Himself. Sometimes words do a poor job of expressing gratitude.

4. Do you remember latch hooks? My girls have recently become latch hook junkies. Rainbows and unicorns. They make me smile.

5. I had been saving Trader Joe’s Salsa jars for quite a while to make into candles for the Fourth. That plan crashed and burned, but thankfully I found these condiment caddies (and really a condiment caddy? Who names this stuff?) at Target on a clearance row. The jars were the perfect addition for our red spinny things, formerly known as condiment caddies, that now adorn our school table.

6. Yummy new paint, a trash can from the dollar tree turned light fixture, and the beginnings of a wall of functional items for our school days are the beginnings of our new and improved classroom, coming soon.

7. ‎“Don’t let fear stop you. You just may be on the very brink of incredible.”

A timely quote that I read late last night. The Lord has been opening all kinds of doors for me lately and choosing which ones to walk through can be at times daunting. My human nature is to pick up my skirt and run my little girl sandals as fast as I can through each and every single one of them. That doesn’t work. Ask me how I know?  So, now I am learning and relearning the art of slowing down and prayerfully considering which way my feet should carry me and trust the God of my life who has the bigger picture and my best interest at heart.

8. I am having the best time being involved over at Hip Homeschool Mom’s. Such a fantastic group of women that are literally spread all over the world. I have the awesome privilege of regular postings and product reviews. It is a great resource if you are homeschooling your little monsters.

9. I was recently interviewed for a book regarding eating unprocessed food in America. The author is a former journalist for the New York Times who is now freelance writer. My littlest Emma has now decided we are famous. In reality, it was just a ton of fun.

10. School is out for the summer, but a teacher’s job is never done. I have been working hard at wrapping my head around the million things that we will be learning this year. Second grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade it is….A friend of mine and I have a standing 7pm on Tuesday date at whatever place with house us with free internet and a comfy chair. We frequently also attend the after party at one of our houses. We plan, and plan, and read, and discuss plans, and plan some more. We discover deep things and not so deep things. Most recently, we have discovered that Better Binders really have their name for a reason. Staples, my friends. In all colors and patterns. Get some.

11. Green Jeans Photography….I recently wrapped up all of the editing my whirlwind five session weekend in San Jose. It was a fabulous weekend! AND NOW, I am working with a designer and will have a logo, business card, and all of that fun stuff within the next 2-3 weeks. I also am the new proud owner of my space on the internet… A website will be coming in the future.

I hope your Sunday is fabulous, my friends!!!!

Go hug somebody…life is precious. Don’t forget to live it.

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Miscellany Monday

1. My baby boy has kicked his cuteness up a notch. He had his first Krispy Kreme. As it turns out, he eats them like we are all dying to on the inside, but human manners prevent us from doing so. He also has figured out how to say wheeeeeeeeeee. Most things all day long get launched into some sort of motion, so that he can accompany it with a wheeeeeeeeeeeee. It makes me want to join in and twirl.

2. I am on day 11 {100% success so far} of my 100 day challenge that I am doing. Contrary to popular belief, you can go to Krispy Kreme to turn in certificates for free donuts that have been screaming to be used since last Halloween and not eat even fleck of frosting. Yes, I did smell the donut. I am not ashamed.

3. Everything is cuter in Mason Jars. I fed 30 women these desserts this past week. Did not have a lick of them either, but I heard they were good. Thrifty’s vanilla ice cream layered with Pineapple topping and Caramel. Finish it off with some whipped cream, a sprinkle of brown sugar, and some little chocolate shells. Put a little umbrella in it and you have yourself one yummy tropical sundae.

4. VBS kicked off this week. I spent a lot of time hanging kites, airplanes, and all things related to SKY. Three of my four can attend and serve. I sneak in everyday into the back, just enough to catch some of the closing worship. I love watching the kids worship Jesus and the adults get to be kids for the week. It gives me the serious warm fuzzies and it makes my baby clap and dance.

5. My dreams of glow in the dark half marathon medals are postponed until 2013. My running partner has a heel injury that has forced her to take a bit of time off from running. We have rescheduled our first half to this October. Can’t wait.

6. It’s less than 48 hours until my birthday.

7. The neighborhood kids call me mom. It is adorable, but at the same time it makes a girl feel old. I don’t know why this makes me feel old, exactly. I tried to figure it out, but then I got bored and stopped. Some things are better left unknown.

8. I am being interviewed for a book that is in in the works by an actual writer. My story may or may not get used, but seriously, how fun is that? It is about eating REAL food.

9. I have been contemplating what kind of damage I would do to myself if I joined them? Can a forty year old effectively slip ‘n slide?

10. I recently saw Wicked for the first time, I just bought tickets today for a Kayaking trip under a full moon on a nearby lake, and I am beginning the downstairs repainting marathon. Which of these things is not like the other?

Happy Monday.

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Miscellany Monday.

1. I have stopped using coupons. I tried it, but now that we have changed our eating so dramatically, there really isn’t a whole lot of coupons that work anymore. Why are there no coupons for bananas and lettuce?

2. My daughter loves taking pictures of herself on my phone. I love finding them.

3. I have deleted FaceBook off of my phone. It shall remain on my computer, but in an effort to remain mostly in the land of the three dimensional people…I am instating some control measures.

4. My little man has added moo and Elmo to his vocabulary. He’s not a great big talker. He really has no need because there are so many of us at his beck and call to anticipate his every need. Perhaps we should stop that?

5. Speaking of Elmo, we have serious crushin’ going on around these parts. His teeny brain almost exploded when he saw this. It remains on my phone for random desperate moments that need entertainment.

6. My first half marathon is almost here. I am training, training, training. 42 days left….and while we are counting. 204 sleeps until Christmas.

 7. Our first Monday with no school will begin with a trip to Costco to buy cheese and butter. We are out of control.

8. I am absolutely positively doing this. Is there no end to Kelle Hampton’s creativity. So cute.

9. Today is a surprise non summer weather like day. 64 degrees and rain. The 100 degree weather will be back soon enough.

10. I am going on a mini vacation soon. A 48 hour adventure to a place called Paradise. Paradise Indeed. Can’t wait.

Happy Monday.

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What My Phone Has Done For Me Lately

1. Allows me to shop for my husband, while he was at work. This was option 1. He went with option 3.

2. It is handy to have a pretty awesome camera around for all the times I don’t have my big camera. One would not want to miss any spontaneous excitement of my little guy. My 7 year old caught this pic.

3. I completely forgot my camera on Awana Awards Night. I did remember to bring all my kids and lock the house up though. My phone is always my back up. This was one of my daughter’s groups of kids that have completed two books. We are blessed to have a fantastic large Awana program nearby! I think there is about 500 kids total.

 4. The other day we were running late to a birthday party and on the way, I sent my older two into Kohl’s for a birthday card. They have been doing more and more of this lately. I explained they were not to come out with like a 9.99 card or anything, etc. They picked an adorable card with a dog with a party hat that says “are we gonna celebrate or what?”. Seems harmless enough except there were two DRINKS on the table. This was an 8th grader’s birthday party and did I mention my husbands a pastor? Nothing like sending my pastor kid to a party with an inappropriate card in hand. We had no time to get another. I was able to text ahead to the mom with a plea I may make often these days…Please don’t judge me.

5. My phone is now the remote for our new lovely Apple TV. See it sandwiched in there between CardStar and My Fitness Pal. (which are two of my favorite apps ever).

6. This morning my daughter was in a play and I hear some faint music going off. Nobody seemed to be reaching for their phone. I headed into an internal rant about why someone couldn’t turn their phone off for 90 minutes, only to be awakened with the realty that it was in fact my phone. I had bumped it when I was reaching in for some gum. I frantically headed for the nearest exit toting a purse that had Zach Effron’s somewhat muffled voice singing the Boys Are Back. Not embarrassing at all.

7. Allowed me to show the hubby what he was missin’ for dinner.

8. Finally, my favorite is finding surprise pictures from my crazy girl.

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Ten Things You Ought To Know

1. I am beyond excited that a new adventure that has been in my heart for a long time is finally official. Green Jeans Photography opened on Mother’s Day. It is a much prayed over adventure. An outlet for this mama to stretch my creative wings. It gives me the ability to connect with people in a very incredible way. Photo sessions are a B L A S T. I love the possibilities, the learning curve, and the endless options to capture the beauty God created for us through every single thing we see and feel. Come visit me at Green Jeans Photography and give me a Like. Thank You!!!

2. I spent Mother’s Day morning, snuggling in bed, watching the Happy Holidays Edition of Elmo’s World with my baby. I don’t care if it is the wrong holiday, I like Jingle Bells, he likes Elmo. It’s a perfect combo.

3. Never tell a five year old little boy that one day you will no longer be able to pick him up because he will be to big. His baby blues might shed some tears and break your heart. This was not the first, nor the last mistake I have, or will be making with my first born child. #guineapigparenting.

4. Being a mother is my gig. It’s my heartbeat. It makes me who I am. It makes me overwhelmingly joyful and insanely crazy. I praise God for the four little beings who fill my days and teach me the very definition of selfless. They truly fill my heart and thrash my house in the very best way possible.

5. Chevys gives away long stem red roses and chocolate covered strawberries on Mother’s Day. Uh huh! Gorgeous!

6. I miss the rain and am already looking forward to fall. I hate spring. Yes, I said it. I’m sorry, but I do. I do like summer and the super hot temps around here, but we had SO little rain this year, I am still somewhat deprived.

7. Mother’s Day lunch. We brought our own entertainment. Turning a pacifier sideways and scrunching up your nose while people are laughing at you is captivating and adorable. Right?

8. I have a story about a shoe. A couple of months ago, I lost a shoe. Just one. After a long time of looking and being irritated that the remaining shoe lay abandon in its shoe pocket, I decided to wave the white flag and throw the shoe away. Yesterday, when I was cleaning out my closet, I found it’s soul mate. So now again, I have one shoe. Fortunately, little man put it to good use and I successfully acquired my high school year book embarrassing photo. #twobirdsonestone

 9. We are still eating healthy. Still finding our balance and how to navigate real life through all of this. It’s not a diet. It’s not a plan. It’s not a book. It’s not a gimic. It’s eating as unprocessed as possible. As different situations come up, it has been interesting to tackle them one at a time. Birthday parties, weekends away, Children’s programs, Mothers Day. The thing that is amazing when you aren’t eating like C R A P 24/7 then the occasional 8 milk molasses chips and diet caffeine free soda will not do you in. That is if you can truly handle the moderation gig and your moderation doesn’t become three times a day! No more than once a week is my goal.

10. This is on the wall of the pediatric ward at a nearby hospital. #creepy #confused #massivenightmares

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends!

May you feel loved today wherever you are and whatever stage of life you find yourself in!

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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