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More Listy Type Things

1. You know when you move a child’s toy. Then in a moment of haste you run somewhere and forget you moved that toy in the path that you are running? Train table 1- my toes 0. Resulted in a couple days of taking it easy, lots of elevation, ice, nauseasness from pain meds, swollen toes, and pretty bruising. A trip to Urgent Care revealed no broken bones which honestly kind of annoyed me because with the amount of pain, I wanted some validation. Instead, I am sporting the official title of Foot Contusion and a low tolerance of pain. Whatever, I say.

2. So you know when you have to get up and work because as a mom you can only stay down so long? Then after a full day of photo shoots you come home and your toddler steps hard on that foot contusion? It’s the kind of pain that inspired the moments in cartoons when you see the character fly into the air like a rocket because they got hurt by something. That pain. THEN you know right after that you go shopping and you stop the bakset, but keep walking and you jam that same foot contusion yet AGAIN?

3. This impending move is sinking in. See this post. #2. The intensity of emotion has me in bed every night by like ten from sheer exhaustion. If this keeps up, I may have to change my blog name.

4. If we leave Cali. It’s going to be rough. However, support means everything and we’ve got that. My soul Lord to you surrender, all I have is yours. It’s on repeat in my head. I have the best friends and the best text conversations ever.


7. I had a little 24 hour getaway this past weekend. I went back to my home town of San Jose for some photo sessions. I had a sleep over with my bestie and a girls dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. So needed it.

8. This Concept is new to me. It stopped me in my tracks. Focusing on building instead of fighting. Why don’t I do that? It really seems so logical. Very foreign and requires giving up a lot of junk. I’m in. Way to go Socrates. He seriously is pretty smart, right? How drastically different my life would look.


9. We did a party at Chuck E Cheese on a Friday night. I lived to tell about. My darling requested a Chuck E party so I let her pick 3 friends and we googled some coupons, picked up a bakery cake, and I sat in a booth. I’m not gonna lie, I love throwing parties, but right now THIS was the best party in the world. My girl had a ball and I rested. I think Chuck E Cheese should set up a sleeping room for mom’s. We can go to Chuck E, let the mouse entertain, and head to the back to take a nap. Anyone with me?


10. Today is about my family. No work today. School prep, laundry, watching football with my hubby, friend over for my little, cleaning up the house, and prepping for the week.

11. Cookie Butter? It’ll change your life.

12. Hoping to finish the classroom this week. That is pending no one’s insides blow up and nobody in my house resigns and nobody gets a foot contusion. Excited to share it with ya’ll.

13. Happy Sunday. Go Niners.

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Miscellany Monday

1. Back to school today. It has been a fantastic break. I have enjoyed every single second of it. However, I also enjoy making up sentences with spelling words. Such as, “behind, I can see your behind right now.” Fantastic gig I’ve got goin’ here.


2. I have a monkey. My boy uses the railings of his crib as balance beams and anything that isn’t nailed down as a step stool. This is our first climber at such a young age. I am currently sleeping camped out on his floor while his new bed and extra extra tall gate (for his doorway to his room because the extra tall did not stop him) make their way to our house. I am not sure how I will go back to my own bed and sleep peacefully, knowing that he now can get up in the middle of the night and do whatever he wants. How do I keep this kid safe? Ideas welcomed. Empty the room completely? Leave furniture and bolt it to the wall? I need a sound machine for white noise somewhere in there and I really want to buy a video monitor so that is going to need to be plugged in as well. Help me mamas of monkeys. This boy is bound and determined, strong as can be, and quite stealth like. I woke up the other night to him sitting by my head quietly playing my iPhone that he had found and snatched. WHAT?????????


 3. Insanity round 2 starts to-day. I appreciate that the days promoting over indulgence are now replaced by the days trying to encourage New Years resolutions. It makes healthiness a wee bit easier.

4. We are in a book!!!! This fabulous author Mealnie Warner wrote a book. You’ve got to check it out, it is really good. This girl knows her stuff. It will be released next month. Get your copy here. It talks all about processed food in America. Our part is about why we switched and how it has affected us. So fun!

5. Quick! Run over to Hip Homeschool Moms and enter to win a 3 month subscription to Little Passports. I was able to review the product. It’s pretty darn spectacular. Sam and Sofia and a magic Vespa in exotic lands. I mean really?

6. I rearranged my house. This is not the first time nor the last. It works so much better. Nothing like a fresh new layout. The office became a den, the dining room became an office, the living room got a major facelift, the play area became the dining room, and the under the stairs closet became the play area. Got it? 🙂 I also scored a dreamy vintage couch in the process. Me happy.


7. Every single thing in my house is getting gone through, sorted, and cleaned. I think it might take me 2 months to complete the process due to my rather full time job of motherhood and homeschooling. However, it is so worth it. It makes me giddy.

8. “Mom, I don’t know what a subtraction sign is. I am getting old and I forget stuff.” ~ emma (8yrs old).

9. I was reminded this week that God is at the end of your rope. I was really frustrated the other night about some things and kinda challenging God on them in my daring human type way and He kinda said, “Well, are you doing you’re part”? “Um no, no I am not.” It was a good swift kick in the booty that I needed. God’s good at those. We’ve gotta do our part. We can’t sit around and complain that what we want isn’t happening. Truth be told most of the time in those situations, I am not even doing what I am supposed to be doing. THEN I get all like, “where is God in all of this?”. Anyone else have this problem?  We just have to be faithful with what we have and where we are at. One foot in front of the other.

10. It’s cold where I live right now. Sunny California is freezing me. Like 27 degrees. I am considering moving to live in my hot shower indefinitely.

Happy Monday.


Writing random and joining Carissa @ Lowercase Letters

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Miscellany Monday

1. Insanity- 3 weeks in. 1/3 done. Fighting the middle blues. Nutrition choices are the hardest part of this. Five small meals a day of equal calories goes against EVERY pattern of food consumption I hold. It’s a work in progress for sure. The workouts rock. I have gotten over the lack of good music. I don’t have the energy to even worry about it. Every single part of me is needed to complete these work outs and push myself harder every time. They are awesome.

I had a brief scare of a neck injury when I forgot my daughter was 8 and not 3 and I tried to fly her over my head. She had other plans and my neck was her crash landing spot. Strange twinges, wow. We are both fine now. The crisis was averted and I was thankful it was an Insanity recovery day. I have not missed a workout yet.

2. My daughter had her last soccer game of the season over the weekend. It was POURING rain. Some kids were crying, but not my girl. She was in her happy place. I actually saw the twinkle in her eye and she scored one goal per quarter for a total of FOUR!  Her team finished the season strong and swiped first place overall for the season. #totallyasoccermom

There is nothing like watching your child find their thing. Ya know?

I could barely grab a couple of pictures. The camera had to go back to the car to stay dry.

Someone takes after his older sister. He could have cared less about the wind and rain and cold. He was all over it. #gimmieapuddleplease

3. This little dude is having a love affair with all things train. Choo Choo rings through my house in many forms for a lot of the day. It’s fantastic.

4. Levis baby butts are spectacular.

5. I am excited to be joining in my sweet friend Carlie’s A COOKIE A DAY TIL CHRISTMAS SERIES. Fabulously delicious stuff going on. You definitely don’t wanna miss that! I will be giving the recipe for White chocolate cookie dough truffles.

A Cookie a Day Until Christmas

6. My camera strap was falling apart and looking pathetic and sad. THEN I got an email with a special on some fancy ones. Lulu and June on Etsy. Cuteness galore. GREAT customer service. Isn’t she pretty? I’m in camera strap heaven.

 7. This morning I received an email from a fairy godmother, I am pretty sure. She saw some of my photography on a friend’s Facebook page and wanted to let me know of their location. Her email involved words like horses, Victorian couches, barns, acres of natural and prepared backdrops. I think my heart stopped for a brief moment. Next week I will be touring this new photo location and trying to act all cool and grown up like while doing so. If Victorian couches are involved it might be difficult to contain my composure.

8. Still trying to work on getting myself into pictures. Good grief it’s harder then it seems. Yucky phone pic in the dark watching Polar Express is all I managed this week. I love my boy.

9. I feel a photo shoot coming on. I know a cute blonde who happens to wear a 2t pant and his mama found a pair of green skinny jeans at Target. Ha-le-lujah. #GreenJeansPhotography

10. In just a couple hours the Christmas decor is coming out. Shawn is at a Niners game with some friends in San Francisco. I’m totally like 70% happy for him and 30% jealous. I am going to not cook, order the kids pizza for dinner and start deckin’ my halls.


miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Miscellany Monday

1. It is stupidly hot today. 82 degrees and my Pumpkin candle do not play well together. There is a 10% chance of rain this Thursday. I am holding out hope.

2. In just 6 days my little boy will be 2. My heart might break.

3. You know the land where pacifiers and one socks live? Sometimes I lose random emails and I am assuming they go there. If you emailed me in the last few days and I didn’t respond, please re email me. I know I lost a couple that I hadn’t responded to yet! I’m having syncing issues with my phone and laptop. Honey, if you are reading this…..

4. Insanity week two has begun. I survived week one. In 6 days, I will have the first check in test for weight lost and inches lost. I will report. I am hoping for great things. I actually am loving it. Somewhere I heard or read a promo that said something in regards to Mt. Everest and feeling like you climbed it. If I could remember how that went exactly, I am certain I would agree. B E C A U S E that is pretty much how I feel when I am done with each workout.

5. Story. of. my. life. and seriously does anyone want to attend e cards anonymous with me? I can’t stop reading them. If you have no idea what I am talking about. Grab a bowl of popcorn, Pinterest, and search it. You will get a great ab workout from all that laughing.

6. I was able to get away for the day and do three photo sessions this past Sunday. I was at a park with a jillion Oak Trees for a few hours. It was like a storybook setting, just magical. It was crazy hot and after three hours of exploring for great locations, laying down in weeds, and chasing adorable toddlers, I was t i r e d and a hot mess. My make up joined the pacifiers, socks, and emails, in the land of the unknown. A hot mess I tell ya. I had a blast.

7. Remember our mice? They seemed to have left our residence. I am so grateful because the ants are starting to arrive. With six people and a dog already living here, I feel like having the mice AND the ants just might be a bit too much. Ya know? Unreasonable?

I’m 2 cockroaches and a white poofy gown short of being able to re enact this scene.

8. I am t i r e d and turning in early tonight!

Hope your Monday was happy.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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Miscellany Monday

1. It’s going to rain this week. I am conflicted. While I have been secretly begging God for rain, it is scheduled to come on the day of my costume photo event. Hmmmm. Wet soggy costumed kids in muddy winery fields. Not fun. I feel a reschedule coming on.

2. I attended a women’s retreat at this last weekend. They had a trail mix bar that was open all weekend. A table full of a ton of containers of different ingredients- gummy bears to wasabi peas. Oh, the combinations. Morning, noon, and night the crack was available to us. I discovered a beautiful combination. Dried pineapple, sunflower seeds, and Heath bits (you know the kind that you buy by the chocolate chips). Trail Mix is not healthy – don’t be fooled. It was delicious, but now I have to kick box for like ten extra hours and go through trail mix withdrawals. Those evil little retreat planning genius people.

3. Speaking of our retreat, I learned a new card game. Egyptian rat slap. I suck at it. I lost big. BUT the upside is you get to scream and slap things. I do both of those things really really well.

4. One more piece of retreat news. Very VERY rustic settings make a great home for the fake centipede on the rim of the toilet seat trick. There was a lot of nervous pee-ers in Berry Patch #8, thanks to the adorable tiny retreat goer and my new friend from the cabin across the way. She shall remain nameless.

5. We’ve been busy with soccer. A good busy. My girl gets on the field and goes to her happy place. She’s scrappy, that one. It’s so fun to watch her. Her team and her coach are fantastic. This soccer mama is sad that we only have four more games.

 6. I have discovered the best time to paint your nails. Get all of your kids buckled in their seats. Turn the car on. Paint away while resting your hand on the steering wheel. Now you have a good 10 minutes or more for them to dry while you drive. Make sure and put your own seat belt on first.

7. I learned a new word today in the sermon today at church.

Chagrin. disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation, disappointment, or failure.

8. Today is the end of the first quarter of school. Can’t believe it. We have quarter tests, oil painting projects, and a movie on the agenda. The coming rain will require a fire and pumpkin spice hot chocolate to accompany my afternoon of grading papers and issuing progress reports for my three little students.

9. Have you seen Leap Year? Amy Adams is quite fantastic. It’s a couple of years old, but I just discovered and I love it.

10. When things get tough…  “God, I love you. I don’t love this situation, but I love you. Therefore, I have everything I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and walk through until I get to the other side of this.” -Lysa TerKeurst.

11. I will leave you with two of my favorite images from this past week. #thankful

Happy Monday.
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Miscellany Monday

1. My hubby did a little update on my blog. The tabs at the top are updated with fun new little pictures. Do you love my kids in stick figure form? I super love them, all four of them. We had a wee bit of fun in the wee hours of the night, drawing accessories and hairdos. We stopped just shy of getting ridiculous.

2. My daughter scored her second goal last Saturday. Two weeks in a row now and it was every bit as exciting as the first. Thank goodness for oversized sunglasses fashion because I absolutely did get teary eyed. Watching her slam that ball in the goal and then throw her hands in the air and scream with all her might did me in. Then when her team mates came running to hug her, a tear trickled. Yup, I ain’t gonna lie. Fabulous. This girl is soccer smitten. Me thinks I have many years of soccer games in my future.


3. The big table with separate study areas in different rooms of the house if someone needs them has won. It works for us. No more individual desks.

4. #babycreeper

5. The child is obsessed with Sock Monkey’s. He can spot them anywhere. Even in junk mail. Exhibit A.

The Super Hero party got deleted. It’s gotta be Sock Monkeys! Send me good Sock Monkey vibes and great monkey/ banana party ideas PLEASE! In a world where it wasn’t almost obscene to pay $100 for a stuffed animal I would absolutely buy the child this. I am quite certain he would pass out from overstimulation.

6. I am working on improving my phone photos. My poor kids can’t get away from my lens. It’s super fun and just a little bit addicting. My hubby is upgrading his iPhone soon and then I will get his hand me down. I am anxiously awaiting his because the camera on his is waaaayyyy better than the one on mine. He stays one step ahead of me and I score his leftovers. It’s a dreamy combo.

Come follow me on Instagram {justanightowl}. I will follow you back and we can share important moments through pictures like when I didn’t want to get up today and when I decided to make my baby look like a girl in the middle of Walmart.

7. My favorite new app. Cuptakes. Girly heaven meets phone apps.  You must check it out.

8. Hip Homeschool Moms. An online community of over 18,000 people all over the world. I am blessed to be a part of the team. I have made a crazy amazing group of friends from Germany to Washington who are a constant source of hilariousness and support. The internet rocks sometimes.

It is an awesome resource of all things education and parenting support for the homeschooling family.

I get the privilege of contributing an article each month…

These days where every single day at 1 pm and 7 pm when I go to lay down my sweet baby boy to sleep, I live magic. I sing, 

“God bless mommy and match box cars. God bless dad and thanks for the stars. God hears Amen wherever we are and I love you….”He wraps his chubby fingers tight around my neck and puts those curls on my shoulder and kicks his tiny toes. He lays and squeezes me and listens and giggles. I promise you it is near close to one of the sweetest moments I will experience in this lifetime. I get to live it…twice a day. Magic.

Read the entire post here.

9. You know one of the greatest things about starting my own business? My little supporters. My girls came with me on a shoot last night to help make kids smile and watch them while I took pictures of their mama. Oh, they did a great job. I woke up this morning to my youngest daughter with this around her neck. Priceless. So priceless.

10. We have a day off school today! aaaahhhhh.

Happy Monday!

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Miscellany Monday – Late Again.


 Thank you Word Press. I needed the encouragement today. I AM better, faster, and more attractive, thank you very much. So very nice of you to notice.

2. My daughter’s soccer team had their second game last weekend. It was like a bad car wreck. You almost couldn’t turn your head away, but you almost couldn’t look either. They were a different team from the previous Saturday. The other team’s goalie could have taken her bff out to lunch and had a mani and pedi during the game and it really wouldn’t have mattered. We only used half of the field. Every last inch of everything involved was an uphill battle. We lost 8 to zero. My week has not been much different. Nothing intensely earth shattering, really, just nothing is coming easy.

I stood there watching the soccer game and remembering that victories are not nearly as fantastic if you don’t have to go through the trenches. It’s just like pregnancy, I’ve decided. Nine months of agonizing everything all leading up to that one unbelievable moment where they place that new little lump of heaven on your chest. It would not be nearly as fantastic without all the suffering to get there. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it. If you have had a trouble free pregnancy and you were a size 2 the entire time with no side effects, you are not allowed to weigh in on this conversation, o.k.? OK!

3. Green Jeans is coming along fantastically. I have 13 sessions scheduled in the next two months, a costume photo event, and I am working with a 90 family preschool to provide Christmas photos for their families. You really can pinch me now. I was nervous the night before I launched this baby thinking, what if no one wants me to take their pictures at all? What a blessing this has been so far, that has far and above exceeded my wildest expectations. It is meeting some very deep needs in my family. I am so grateful and look forward to continuing to grow and learn and receive my new lens that is coming soon!

If you have an extra minute or two, head on over to my Facebook Page and like Green Jeans! Thanks! I appreciate it!

4. We are continuing to learn more and more about eating healthy, unprocessed, real food. I decided to begin posting once a week about some aspect of eating and what we used to do, how we fixed, and why. You know like cereals, breads, oils, etc. I am no expert by any means, but I am taking time to continue to learn and will drag you all, as my fabulous friends, right along with me. It’ll be fun, I promise.

5. We have mice. Did I mention that? They are the teeniest tiniest of mice. The fact that I have enough mice experience to know that these are tiny is somewhat disappointing. The thing that I have learned about mice is you can’t hardly catch them. It’s rare. You have to figure out where they are coming from and cut them off at the source. More money than I care to add up has been spent on mice trapping extravaganza’s. It’s kind of a joke. A couple of nights ago I sat on the kitchen counter drinking a spice pumpkin hot chocolate and hoping to catch a clue as to where they were coming in. The house was quiet, except for the mice. Who needs cable? I sat there and watched the mice cleverly avoid our traps and continue to monopolize my house like they owned it.

Last night it all changed as one lept forth from the grate under the fireplace. They are in for it now. Steel wool is my new best friend. Sorry Jack and Gus Gus. You outta here.

6. Dollar Tree. Fantastic Contact Paper. My bathroom shelves are pretty once again.

7. After much consideration, I have chosen my little guy’s Halloween costume. It’s beyond. Pretty soon he is going to have an opinion, so I have to savor these choices while I can still make them. I am going to create it tomorrow night. Wish me luck. The sewing machine and I have a love-I loathe you type of relationship.

 8. Sometimes, I really do wish they could just stay little.

 9. Happy Monday Tuesday.

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Miscellany Monday

1. Our first soccer game was highlighted by multiple memories. It is so endearing to see all the parents come out to represent. Everyone yelling. Everyone cheering. One very cool dad of an adorable little player on my daughter’s team yelled, “Go Starfish”. So sweet. Only problem is our team name is Starfire.

2. O.k. I love Explode the Code. LOVE it. Muffins that play hide ‘n seek make learning fun. There is no way that he is going to be able to hide behind that tree, do you think? He’s too wide. I hope there is a sequel so I can see how this turned out.

3. My family has been hooked up with a gal who is writing a book on eating unprocessed food in America. I got to interview on the phone with her last month. Last Friday, she flew out to our home to hang with us and have dinner at our table! It was great meeting with her and talking through again why our family has so drastically changed our eating habits. Answering questions really helps cement the reasons why we have done what we have. Prior to last March, I really didn’t understand that most of the food that we were consuming was genetically modified and full of chemicals and contained very little actual food. Even the food that is advertised as healthy (such as power bars, protein shakes, and the like) is full of highly processed man made ingredients. It’s crazy how difficult and misleading the marketing and labeling of our food is. The drastic changes in our children’s behavior and the way that we all feel is reason enough to endure whatever it takes to keep these changes as our new way of life. I think I am a tree hugger. A happy healthier one.

4. Speaking of health, did you hear that Jillian Michaels is back on Biggest Loser in January? Me happy. Ecstatic really.

5. How many of you dodge the camera? I have made it a personal mission, I think. My husband always tells me that my kids are going to look back over all the work I have done to capture and create albums of their growing up years and I will be missing completely! He’s right. Well, I read a post. This needs to change. I’m gonna work on it.

6. A few weeks ago in a flurry of annoyance over the lack of space and organization in my daughters 8’x9′ room I grabbed my phone and started snapping pictures. Within a few hours and the magic of Facebook I had every single thing sold. We had $420 in hand and we started from scratch with a $420 budget. Not one penny more. We are almost finished. WHICH is really good because when I do unplanned projects like that it really throws off the projects that I am currently working on.

7. Why does the beginning of fall make me want to stock up on things in my house? Costco is dangerous for me this time of year. Which, by the way Christmas is already out at our Costco. I find that ridiculous, but I adore it at the same time. Christmas is almost here, right?  I have an app.

7. Due to #5 I am going to figure out how to use the timer on my camera this week. One would think that I would know that.

8. I am teaching my boy to cook. Thirteen years old. He makes a fabulous whole wheat biscuit.

9. I want to buy vats of pumpkins, barrels of apples, light pumpkin candles, wrap myself in burlap, and adorn my yard with those hideously henious but wonderfully cute fall scarecrows. Who’s in?

10. These are some of my best girls, just the best. We had to say goodbye yesterday morning to the cute redheaded one as she and her family moved away to Texas. Always in our hearts, Ash…

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Miscellany Monday…on a Tuesday.

1. Monday was a holiday. I took full advantage, but now I am going to be up WAY too late getting ready for Tuesday.

2. If this were a painting on a wall in a museum, it would be titled SIX PEOPLE, ONE STARBUCKS, AND A DOG.

3. Happy Birthday Dear Mommy. She’s 65. I’m going to age well, it’s in my genes and totally unrelated, hopefully I will figure out how to take pictures with my phone in low lit restaurants soon.

4. I started my two oldest kids on the couch 2 5k program today. With swanky new running shoes purchased by the pretty lady above, we busted out week one, day one. I wasn’t sure my 12 year old would survive, but she proved me wrong and ran it out no problem. I love doing this with them. I can’t wait to let them experience the thrill of finishing their first 5k in about 2 months.

5. My friend gave me these cubbies. After a couple of cans of spray paint and some contact paper {which I already had both at home} I have a fabulous place for all of my little monster’s toys.

I love free things and free makeovers. AND I love Little People turned superheroes. You can count on the fact that I will be buying my child the Little People Wonder Woman Invisible Airplane for his second birthday. I don’t care if he’s a boy. He can have the plane and I will have Wonder Woman. It works.

6. Cutest. Frame. Ever.

7. I found two yards of adhesive ribbon for .97 cents. My candles got a 60 second makeover. Just in time for fall. Which I realize is kind of a ridiculous statement because this ribbon, in fact, has nothing to do with fall what so ever.

8. Tonight was an emotional night. We had to say goodbye to some very dear friends. She held my baby boy the whole first night after he was born in between feedings, so I could get some sleep. I sat with her while her third born came into this world. I held her in the hall when her fourth child almost left this world. We do holidays together, we do parks together, we do Panera together, we do middle of the night car rescues together, we’ve done many, many memories together. I am going to miss them. They are off to a new adventure in Texas and I know will have the time of their lives. BUT goodbyes suck. They suck bad. Because their adoption is not yet final and they can’t post pictures online, I can’t show you the fun ones we took tonight. Instead, I will show you this one Ashley took of one of her twins, which may be even be more fitting. We love you guys and send you off with happy and heartbroken hearts. Yeehaw.

9. School work is calling. I have a class full of four little lovelies arriving in just a few hours. Oy Vey.

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Miscellany Monday

1. I have officially put myself on new project restriction. No more thinking about, pinning, purchasing supplies for, making mental to do lists, taking notice of, or any other actions that might be leading toward a possible new project until the projects on my current to do list are completed. #yeahright #gimmieabreak #nevergonnahappen

2. My boy, the one year old, hates sippy cups. He’s the first of his kind around here. He has alternative methods of drinking. Yesterday, he found a cup of water, took the lid off and dipped his dinosaur’s head into the cup. Then he lifted the dinosaur head to his mouth and sucked off the water. I am sorry Mr. Brontosaurus. Please forgive him.

3. The same one year old boy has reached the trick pony toddler stage. You know, the one where you run around all day telling him to do strange and funny things and then laugh and clap and squeal as if they have never been done before. Ever. All the while, confusing the heck out of their developing brains.

I believe this went something like this…”Go night night Greyson.” {On pavement in the scorching heat in the backyard in broad daylight not at nap time.}

Fascinating pillow placement.

4. He sure is cute though. Good grief I love him.

6. Standing on a corner….

*my mom. best. picture. ever. I just swiped it off of my dad’s Facebook page. It’s real. I promise.

7. Doodlelicious sermon notes. After Saturday’s Nineveh post? Impeccable timing. Preach on, Mr. Pastor…preach on…

8. You know those kind of friends who always say YES. You just hope that they will tell you no if they really don’t want too? She’s not one.

9. Have yourself a pretty fabulous Monday.

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

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