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Cameron Night.

I plan to have a family night celebrating each person in our family. So far, we have had Cameron night. I had a meal that was all of Cameron’s favorites…Pineapple, Chevy’s chips, and Chevy’s tortillas made into quesadillas. My boy is all things science. I scoured Family Fun and found a test tube cake, buggie wonder mold, edible eyeballs (almost turned out), and some fun science experiments with food coloring and dish soap. I made a poster and hung it up to celebrate is great qualities (stole that idea from my friend Nicole who does this for her kid’s on their birthdays). We dissected the mold and have some new additions to our family…you’ve gotta love little boys and their toys….Love you Cam, xoxo.

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Octopus Night.

We ate octopus dogs on an ocean of mac and cheese under some fancy blue streamers. After dinner, we spent a long time creating a family of octopus-es out of rice, odds and ends, and some mittens from the Dollar Tree. Emma and Shawn worked together. Meet our Octopi friends….there are earrings involved! Fantastically Fun craft idea from Family Fun Magazine.

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Snow Night.

As one would expect with snow it was cold in our house, due to the air conditioning running pre-family night in Jan. We did lots during this family night….dress up in scarves and hats (Struckmeier family fashion moment), build igloo’s with sugar cubes, winter bingo, and the grand finale of a snowball fight with socks. The family night ended with a game of see who could sort and fold their socks the fastest. Yippee.

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Snowman Night.

Family Fun magazine is one of my best resources for fun family night ideas. Their website is full of amazing crafts, recipes, and all kinds of other fun stuff…

We had a fun time building a snowman out of some fruit and snacks, eating snowman pancakes, watching Frosty the Snowman, and of course listening to the song over and over and over and……
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Disney Night.

Our friends, the Eaton’s, went on a Disney vacation and upon their return home, we received a family night in a bag from the Magic Kingdom. It contained Disney Mac and Cheese, and candy…add some Costco Mickey Mouse Chicken Nuggets and Disney Scene it and you’ve got yourself a party…

Grandma J was in town from Oregon to join us for this one! Fun to have some family over for our family nights!
Thanks Scott, Lisa, David, and Grace…we loved it!
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Love Night.

A night of love included heart shaped pancakes for dinner. We also made love notes for people we ….well, “love”.

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All Things "P" Night.

This was a result of family night planned minutes before we began…still turned out fun, no need to be elaborate all the time.

Pizza….Pears….Peter Pan….PJ’S
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Fall Family Night.

With the onset of fall came our Fall Family Night. We made homemade apple turnovers and had a picnic by the fire complete with Top Ramen, apples, cheese, and crackers….very simple. very fun.

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Upside Down Night.

Here was my all time favorite. We did this over a year ago and the kids still talk about the “one time mom and dad turned the table upside down”. Makes my heart happy. The look on their faces when they came in the room were absolutely priceless. Shawn and I may be old, but we can still stand our heads with the best of ’em (although did you notice I am on a pillow, Shawn’s a bit more hardcore)….

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Princess Night.

The boys were gone at a baseball game. The girls stayed home doing all things princess…

There was munchin’ on princess cookies, curling princess hair, applying princess make up, walking princess runways, princess boas, princess crowns, princess sparkles (all over the house), princess music, princess movies, princess cakes, princess stories, princess smiles,….you get the idea….and yes I walked the runway too.
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