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Precisely the response that I get when my seven year old sees an entire page of math problems. She knows them, but she gets tripped up when there are too many on one page. It is definitely not her favorite thing.

Today we experienced the new font size and quantity of 2nd grade math worksheets. I knew I was in for a parenting moment. Before the full scale meltdown occurred, I said, “O.k. we are doing the first thee rows orally”. Off I went asking for answers that I know she knows the answer to. She stepped up her game and got through it o.k.

With the superpower given to all women as they become mother’s for the first time, I multitasked my way through the first three lines of math facts while plotting a way to make this a bit more fun today.

Last problem, line three, an idea arrived. It was just in the nick of time, as they often are.

“O.K. now get ready Emma because we are doing the rest as a race. Each row will be done in a new location in the house. We are racing the clock so you gotta be quick. We gotta go to the place that I yell out, do a row, and move on. Got it?”

Eyes beaming she jumped to the start line.



We visited my closet, my bed, Greyson’s room, her bed, my husband’s office, our learning closet, and finished in record time. Being that this was the first time we had done this, it was in fact the record.

All smiles.

No tears.

Math done.

I started thinking about this. I often find that homeschooling is an intricate dance between presenting material in a way that is engaging for my children, but also not wanting them to become accustomed to everything being explained to them and presented to them on a big fat silver platter. The platter that is called in your exact learning style, on your terms.

This is one of the biggest advantages and potential detriments that homeschool offers, in my opinion. If my children are never gently nudged, (or some days shoved off a small cliff), then how will they be equipped to handle real life after school, or say a job? What happens the first time their boss asks them to do something they don’t like or don’t understand? Are they going to look him and the eye, ” I am sorry you didn’t teach me that in my preferred learning style?”

I dance this dance daily. Minute by minute, in fact. It is the same dance of a parent in general that is specifically heightened in the life of a homeschooling family.

But today.

Today my girl needed someone to show her life could be fun. Hard things can be accomplished in record time with a new perspective and a new tactic. Impossible things become opportunities every single day and the opportunities are the lessons that are waiting to be learned.

I know we will reference this morning the next time math brings us so many addition problems crammed onto one page that my seven year old feels like she wants to pull her own hair out strand by strand. I will remind her as many times as it takes that it is mostly all about perspective. I will remind her that she holds the record in the first ever math facts around the house race. Anything is possible.

She rocked it.


I needed to be reminded myself of those lessons today. All of them. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand, run, and laugh with us. Sometimes that is all it takes. Who can I be that for today?

I can hardly believe we are already wrapping up week two of school. We have been to the library to secure books for our first book reports. My girl was over the moon to get a book list and some guidelines and have to find a book that fit those requirements. I love her.

I discovered my baby says QUACK about as cute as can be.

Practicing spelling words is more fun when stamped.

The night night game is fun even in libraries.

Our history curriculum is awesome. Have you ever wondered how Bible history intersects with actual history and why we keep them separate? I had not. This year I started a four year long series titled Mystery of History. It teaches Bible and history together. For example, did you know that Jonah was swallowed by the whale at approximately the same time that the first Olympic games took place in Greece? Yeah, me neither. Am I a total nerd that I find that fascinating? I read it in the introduction of our curriculum and I have to admit I am pretty excited about learning this along with my kids.

Today we are studying the Ice Age. There are suggested activities to enhance the lesson. I chose the one where I have the kids place an ice cube on their bare stomach and see who could leave it there the longest. It sounded fun. It was. Red tummies later they both survived and tied. Neither gave up.

Tomorrow I will be back to show you my shiny new business logo. I Love it.

Happy Wednesday!



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My School Lesson Planner

If you have seen Martha Stewart’s line of office supplies at Staples you may just understand that it is almost entirely necessary to make up some reason to use it, even if none truly exists. Fortunately, I had an actual need. I have been experimenting with different ways to organize my lesson plans for the past three years of school. For the first time, I am actually super excited about my lesson planner.

You know why?

I am not ashamed to admit that it is in part because the whole thing is black/white and aqua. It is also true that I swear I can’t stop petting my binder {do not write me off as crazy because of this unless you have gone to Staples and petted one of her binders yourself}. However, more importantly, everything school related is in one place. It makes sense to my brain. I made it up and I think it has to be this way. No one perfect planner exists and sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands.

Here is the tour. Five stops. Five dividers. Buckle your seat belts please.

1. Calendar

Within this tab there are several different things. I didn’t want more than 5 dividers in the binder overall, so I combined some things in this section. I used Martha’s coordinating little mini post it notes to separate them to make it easier.

Calendar at a glance.

This is a one page quick look of what our school year looks like. I have checked our state requirements for attendance and planned accordingly. We have a four day work work with a fifth day of independent work (180 days). You can download this sheet for free here. I have taken a highlighter to our school days. We have one week off at Thanksgiving, three weeks at Christmas, one week at Easter, and a few misc president’s days, etc.

I plan our year in weeks, thirty six of them. It really is the backbone for how our whole year is laid out.

* I only highlight the days of in the classroom learning. The fifth day each week is independent work and can be completed at any point over the weekend. Therefore, I do not schedule it on this calendar. I think it is important for all my kids, even my second grader, to learn to manage their time and be able to complete assignments on their own.

Monthly calendar.

I use this calendar for school related functions only, not personal household planning. I have labeled the 36 weeks of school, our breaks, our science classes, and our days off. I will include our field trips (once I get those planned). I use this calendar often for planning out curriculum, etc. I chose this one for several reasons. First, it is Martha Stewart and part of this line. Yes, that IS a valid reason. Next, it is aqua. It has big huge boxes (lots of room to write in). Finally, it provides me with constant laughter. Oh yes, because in typical Martha fashion, she offers household and seasonal year round tips. For example, on March 22nd, please check and stock your first aid kit. Uh, huh….that’ll happen. The below month is October. Check out the 29th.

Curriculum Overview.

This is new for me this year and I love it. If you would have asked me any of my past three years of homeschooling, what we were learning, I would have said oh Abeka, or oh Sonlight {the company rather than the content}. This year, I made up a sheet and I spent a few hours going through each subject to figure out a bird’s eye view of what we are learning for each week of the school year. Now I can tell you that on week 17 we will be covering Indians, God’s truthfulness, Venezuela, and qu words. Magical, ey? Best part is now when I find all those crazy fun projects on Pinterest, I will be able to pin them and do them at a time that really makes sense with our studies.

I use one set for Emma (2nd grade) and one set for Taylor (7th grade) and Cameron (8th grade) combined.

2. Daily Lesson Plans- Emma

This sheet I splurged a little and had printed on a creamy ivory cotton linen (it’s petable too). This is where I plan the details for our day to day, including the page numbers, specific assignments, etc. This will be filled out a month in advance, maybe six weeks. I would like to do this weekly, but it just isn’t realistic for me. I do better taking a chunk of time to plan for 4-6 weeks. Then on Sunday night or over the weekend, I can simply review what is coming up for the week and gather the necessary supplies.

3. Daily Lesson Plans- Cameron & Taylor

Same as above. They have their own sheet.

4. Project list.

I am very hands on with the kid’s curriculum. The more projects and experiments, the better. It has been hard to find a really tangible system that works to make sure I have all the necessary supplies in order to make this happen. I have experienced all too often sitting down to do an experiment and not having cabbage or an egg or something else. During my daily lesson planning that I do 4-6 weeks at a time- I take one sheet per week and make a list of supplies I will need to purchase for that week at the store.

The greatest thing about these papers in this section is that they are perforated. I can just rip off the shopping list and take it to the store with me to prepare for the upcoming week. The other side of the paper is left in the binder, so that I can see the notes I have made regarding those projects. Rad, huh? Yes, I just said rad.

5. Grades.

I have chosen a single subject grade sheet by Donna Young. You can download it here for free. It’ll work beautifully.

There you have it!

It’s a good thing, as Martha would say!

More school related posts including our new classroom reveal, our new school name, how I handle all those worksheets, and plenty more….coming soon.

Here’s to happy school planning!






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2012-2013 Curriculum Plan.

We have moved slowly over the years to an eclectic mix of curriculum. There are SO many options out there. SO MANY GOOD ONES. It is way hard to choose. I have equated curriculum to cruising. It’s a stretch, but stick with me. On a cruise, the cruise is designed to provide so many options for entertainment, that it is impossible to experience them all. You are forced to choose your favorites and move on. At a workshop this past weekend of convention, I was reminded that you can’t cover it all. You just can’t.

So with that in mind, our favorites for this year have made up the following plan.

Cameron 8th Grade-

Bible- Route 66 from Positive Action

Math- Teaching Textbooks Algebra

Language Arts- A beka

History- Mystery of History

Health- Horizons

Science- Apologia Physical Science

Typing- Typing Instructor

Elective- Plants Grown Up and Civics

Christmas Study- The Birth of Jesus

*P.E. – Kids Triathlon training, Family Time Fitness



Taylor 7th Grade

Bible- Route 66 from Positive Action

Math- Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra

Language Arts- A beka

History- Mystery of History

Health- Horizons

Science- Apologia General Science

Art- World’s Greatest Composers

Elective- Polished Cornerstones and Who is God?

Christmas Study- The Birth of Jesus

*P.E. – Kids Triathlon training, Family Time Fitness


Emma 2nd grade

Bible- Finding God’s Promises from Positive Action

Math- Horizons

Language Arts- Sonlight

Literature- Little House in the Big Woods, Charlotte’s Web, Mr Popper’s Penguins

History- A beka

Health- Horizons

Science- Exploring Creation with Astronomy from Apologia

Elective- Draw Write Now and Expedition Earth

Christmas Study- The Birth of Jesus

*P.E. – Kids Triathlon training, Family Time Fitness


*There are multiple kids triathlon events in our area. My goal is that each of the kids will complete one during the school year. I still need to work through the details of this. I am not sure about the swimming part with my 2nd grader, but if not a triathlon than we will do a 5k or something else.



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Week 22. Reading, Writing, and Sophia the Grecian Goddess.

We started a new unit {with the older two} on The Giver. This book is G O O D. I pre read it around Christmas time. I use these unit study guides and I love them. It has more stuff then you need. Plenty to give you options, but not overwhelm you. The kids are literally begging to read ahead in the book. I love that too. They would finish in a day if I let them. However, there is something about taking your time and studying the author, vocabulary, and going in depth along the way. You can wander off on whatever rabbit trails you want to. It makes for a very different experience with a book.

I will be starting Emma’s first one in a couple of weeks.

For now we are finishing up her health book. It is amazing how many safety rules we break around here. The book clearly teaches not to jump off a moving swing. Guilty. The book clearly teaches to wear shoes outdoors at all times. Guilty again.

It is unbelievable how anything in a school book becomes something that this girl sees as gospel truth. I am thinking I should write my own school book for her.

We studied safety on the roads and learned that children should use arm signals at all times when riding bikes. Guilty again.

We had stoplight snacks. {Graham crackers, Nutella, and M n M’s}

and some stoplight crafts.

I came across these 2 little fabulous books last summer and added them both to my curriculum order. Write About Me and Write About My World. I had intended to have them be extra fun books for free time. However, my girl has learned a TON with them and we do a page or two almost daily. It covers the beginnings of writing journals, stories, etc. It has a lot of good stuff for her.

Our weather has reached mid 70’s this week. My house is revolting over the lack of any sort of winter, even a California one. The kids have had a ton of time to play outside and it definitely helps get their energy out. However, I am just wishing for a big ‘ol rainstorm. JUST ONE.

We are hoping for a lot of rain before spring arrives, but I am definitely NOT holding my breath.

We arrived in Greece today. The Expedition Earth curriculum has daily lesson plans all written out for you. However, we have had to adapt some. I can’t seem to pull it together for all of this fabulousness on a daily basis. SO~ the last couple of weeks we have devoted Thursday afternoons to E.E. and it has worked fabulously.

I think I have fallen in love with Greece now too. Oh my gosh. It is just beautiful. We studied the Parthenon, listened to music, looked at pictures, read about the children of Greece, prayed for the country, studied the flag, and made cookies. Greece cookies, not to be confused with grease cookies. These were called Kourabiethes cookies and they were yummy.

Finally, we studied Greek sculptures. Of course, the kids got the ability to try out their sculpting skills.

Meet Grecian Cookie Monster…

and Sophia…the Grecian Goddess.

I am looking forward to the weekend. Sleeping in and playing!

Enjoy yours.

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Week 21. Love, Goodbyes, and Mars.

Oh, this week was C R A Z Y. Three doctor appointments and Valentines Day, put us in a challenging place of getting everything completed. It is amazing how even one dr. appointment can wreak so much havoc on completing a school day. I talked last week about our system of breaking down our studies, one week at a time. This week is a perfect example of why. We have a little bit left to finish in the morning. However, it will get done. For me, if I didn’t have this system it could be dangerously easy to let life take priority over school. Just today, and then just today, and then just today….you get the idea.

On a side note…do you know about these magical little relatives of the Post It note family? Oh how they make Teacher’s Guides user friendly in no time flat.

I gotta admit that school wasn’t too overly exciting this week.

We did begin Emma’s health book. It will take us just three weeks to get through. She loves the A Beka readers. They have written some of their textbooks at first grade reading level and Emma LOVES being the one who can read these subjects. It goes a long way in the I’m a big girl now thing.

She read something super profound to me. Yes, yet again the teacher learned something during school. A HABIT IS SOMETHING I DO WITHOUT THINKING. It goes on to say…I CAN FORM GOOD HABITS BY DOING RIGHT THINGS OVER AND OVER. I love that. Put that in the perspective of my quest for health. Its reframing my goals. Grabbing veggies, grabbing water, exercising. Do them over and over until you do them without even thinking about it. You can change.

Taylor wrapped up her study on Mars this week with a project. She created a Mars Community. This may look simple, but she has quite the story (including a lot of  information about Mars) that determined her choices for these items. She is learning a TON.

I broke down and finally allowed us to leave Italy today during our Expedition Earth studies. Passports are stamped and we are gone. Kinda sad. The Expedition Earth curriculum is great and it comes with some additional recommended books to enhance your studies. These books have been some of our favorites during the year.

Next week we are off to Greece!

I have to admit another challenging part of school is getting regular household stuff done like grocery shopping. Last week as I was innocently scrolling through Facebook I find that my husband ratted me out about the condition of our fridge. He posted this on Facebook and said guess we need some food. BUSTED.

We live on the cash only system around here. I plan all of our meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to help keep on a tight budget. I buy only what we need to make those meals. At the end of my week, my fridge typically looks like this. Its not a bad thing really, do not be alarmed.

Today we had lunch recess at Costco. The food court and some groceries and another week of school completed.

Looking forward to the weekend!

Enjoy yours!

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1,000 Gifts.

You have heard of this book, right? It’s just downright lovely and it is incredibly powerful. Life Changing stuff.

Ann Voskamp is the crazy popular writer behind the blog A Holy Experience. Oh my word is she gifted.

Immediately upon reading this book, I felt compelled to start my list of 1,000 things that I am grateful for. Everything from my comfy sheets to my awaiting gift of heaven. I am working slowly. The list becomes a change in me from the inside out. A shift in perspective. A step closer to the heart of Christ.

I decided to implement this as a school project for my oldest children. I equipped them with a pen, and a journal, and instruction. I assigned it back in September. It is due tomorrow.

My hope was to have them write daily from their experiences and not to have them write a list of 1,000 nouns at 11 pm on Feb. 13th.

They have both grown in their own unique ways through this.

My 11 year old daughter came to me this morning and said, “Mom, I got a whole bunch of things for my list while I was sick over the weekend. I am so excited.”  “Like what?”, I asked. “Well, like Sprite, special toast, and aspirin.”


She may not, just yet, realize the powerful change that is going on in her little heart. What a gift in and of itself to learn to look for the positive. To breathe an attitude of gratefulness.

To look for the beauty in the ordinary.

#288 The world’s most comfortable slippers

To effortlessly think, feel, and express all the positive in this world.

#289 the most perfect rose made by my husband with play dough

What could be closer to the heartbeat of Jesus.

#290 Superhero moments. You know the ones where you think you could really fly.

To change from the inside out.

#291 The love of my family that lives within these walls

To possess the God given gift of living fully right where we are.

#292 My baby boy who loves his rubber much

Never missing a moment of our life. The gift that the God of the universe has given us.

 #293 candle lit bubble baths

I need to grow in this. A lot of days I miss it. A lot of days my focus is not where it should be. Praise Him for my #294.

#294 that He isn’t finished with me just yet

For more information about the book, please visit here.



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Week 20. Hearts, Binders, and Gelato.

We started off this school week with our class store. I started this when I began homeschooling and we have done it ever since. I have tweaked it a bit, but the concept is the same. Throughout our school days the kids have chances to earn sticks. I give 3 sticks for a 100% paper, 2 sticks for an A, and 1 stick for a B. I will also give sticks for good behavior, random games, etc. For Emma, my 1st grader, she earns sticks for neatness, books read, etc. Once a month the kids go shopping in the class store. They can spend their sticks or keep them. There are categories to purchase from for 1, 3, 5 ,10, 15 or like this past month we had a surprise 50 point item, and a couple of 30 point items. It’s like a mini Chuck E Cheese redemption counter.

I stock the class store with clearance deals. Grandma helps a ton. I am always on the look out for things throughout the year. It is amazing what you find when you start looking. Even the $1 spot at Target goes 75% off.  It’s a magnificent system that has worked really well for us.

Another system that I began just last year, but has worked incredibly well, is how I organize our work.

I have 2 planners from Lakeshore that cost $5.99 a piece. It is still not the perfect planner because I don’t think that illusive thing actually exists. This one is pretty good and the price is right. I have to have the subjects down the side and the days of the week across the top. This limits my choices. However, it is a must for me.

Everything in my planning world is broken down into weeks for our school year….36 of them.

(I use pencil for everything, because things DO change…and its o.k.)

I sit down at the beginning of the year and pencil in the vacations, holidays, field trips, etc. Then I take each subject and break it down and pencil in the lessons for each week. The older two are in one planner and my younger daughter is in another.

Then I take everything that can be ripped out, copied ahead of time, etc and hole punch it and put it behind the appropriate week number in my binders. I have 2 giant binders. One for week 1-18 and one for week 19-36.

Obviously, this is a lot of time upfront. However on Sunday nights, it is super simple to just pull out the papers for that week and place them on a clipboard, ready to use.

At that time, I review in detail and prepare for the upcoming week.

The most important thing about this system is that we do not progress on from the week until the previous week is done. Despite my best efforts to keep our studies priority through out the week, we have four children and things come up. Doctors, dentists, errands, sickness, and other random things. This system allows me to manage my overall workload for the year and not get off track. If its Sat morning and for some reason the work is not done for that week, we will finish it. Every Monday is a brand new week and the week before WILL be completed.

Having this system has helped me relax a LOT. I feel like I can chill with the ebb and flow of our days and know that things are on track to finish by June. I am sure there are countless ways to achieve this, but this has worked for my head…

We have been busy, as usual, around here. With Love day fast approaching we have added hearts…


and more hearts.

The kids tracked their food intake all week and plotted it into blank grids of the food pyramid. It’s been great to see them really begin to understand their health and nutrition. I’ve loved it. We’ve completed the Pyramid Cafe unit and next week will begin a unit on The Giver with the older two. My youngest will continue on with Health.

My older two have both been doing Apologia Science and there is a TON of hands on projects which they adore.

These little feet are everywhere during my day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking of little….little mister had his first official tantrum today. I was sharing my cheerios with him, giving him bites out of the bowl. He wanted the bowl and the spoon. I did not agree. The result was big tears and MAD BABY! So of course, I grabbed my camera.

Today we ended the week with Expedition Earth. We are still in Italy. I refuse to leave. I am enjoying our study more than the kids. The Trevi Fountain, Sistine Chapel, amazing art, museums, music, and pizza? Oh gosh. Smitten. Today we made Gelato from scratch. It was De-Lish.

Boil 4 cups of water and 2.5 cups of sugar for 5 minutes. Let cool and add 2 cups of orange juice. Then freeze for 5 hours. Voila.

(Ignore the sugar content. Seriously, just pretend I said 2 teaspoons.)

It was, again ridiculously warm for Feburary, so we decided to take our Italy studies to the park.

Even though I desperately am missing some California rain…

…spending the afternoon drenched in sunshine with toes in the sand, ain’t so bad either.

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Week 19. Clowns, Cookies, and the Sistine Chapel.

Let me start with how much we are loving our Bible Curriculum. We use Positive Action. They have elementary through high school curriculum. With my older two kids I am doing the study on Proverbs, Wise Up.

Positive Action has GREAT studies. My kids did them at the Christian School they went to before we brought  them home for school. This is our third year choosing this curriculum and I believe we will be going with Route 66 next year.

The one issue that you will have to work through is the freakish illustrations throughout the book. I am not quite sure what’s goin’ on with that. Consider it a little humorous gift. The content outweighs the illustrations and I promise that is the only creepy clown I have seen thus far.

The first year I did not order the teacher’s guide with this curriculum and that was a mistake. I always find the guides helpful and many times definitely necessary. I know it is tempting to abort the extra cost, but I have never regretted having them.

I do Bible with the kids daily. We almost always spend 30-45 minutes during Bible time. In addition to the text, the kids do a weekly project, quiz, and have created a life principle notebook. I have been really happy with this and plan to start Emma when she begins 2nd grade next year.


I began Emma on Victory Drills this year. Her reading has improved dramatically since beginning daily drills. The book is under $20 and will be reused year after year. When she successfully passes a page, she earns a piece of candy. It’s a great incentive. I made a tracking sheet and stapled it to a folder, so she can see her progress.

We had lots of learning and fun projects this week.

Lots of fun workbox projects. I love first grade. Rainbow hair books rock.

Science projects that involve Oreos pretty much rock too.

This week, during our Pyramid Cafe study, we went through each of the food groups. Our project today got hands on with BEANS. We did a little project that I found on Pinterest. I love Pinterest. I find great everything there and with the find of this cute craft, I made a new bloggy friend, Amy. She is and has a darling blog…go say hi!

Expedition Earth has brought us to Italy.

We took advantage of the spring like weather today and did a little Michelangelo style painting.

The kids adored it. I snuck under there with Emma to help her and I highly recommend giving this a try. Put it on your bucket list. It should be added right below visiting the Sistine Chapel.

Next week, we will study the country in as much depth as four days will allow.

We may decide to stay for two weeks. Italy is one of my favorite stops on our world tour. One thing is for sure, I am pretty certain that pizza will be involved somewhere along the way.

We were a little park happy this week. Taking advantage of this strangely warm weather. With the central valley spring allergies looming in the near future, I am trying to get outdoors as much as possible. Very soon there will be about 2 months coming up that my 11 year old and myself stay housebound in order to not sneeze ourselves to an early demise.

Finally, would you help a girl out? I have a pile of these staring at me. They were Christmas ornaments that were just .10 a pack after Christmas. They will make a perfect Valentines decoration. Only what? I’ve lost inspiration. Thinking garland or ????? Any ideas for me? Help my crafters block. I can’t think of something fabulous enough. They have SO much potential!

Have a great weekend!

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A Whole lotta Random.

I’ve been putting in fifteen hours a day. You know what is funny about home school? I pay taxes to support a school system that we don’t use and I have taken on a more than full time job that I don’t get paid for. Yeah, perhaps you need to be a little bit crazy to homeschool your kids.

We finished off our trip to Japan last week, with Expedition Earth. In every country we learn basic facts regarding language, religion, government, etc. We review all the countries each day. It’s fun to see the kids excited about the fact that they now can locate the 7 continents and so far three countries and their capitals. There is SO much fun stuff to do every week with this curriculum. It rocks.

This week the principal came in for crab races.

These guys became super competitive really quick.

The girls also made Japanese Gardens. Sand symbolizes the water and rocks symbolize the mountains. They got to mist the “water” and then create patterns throughout. It was interesting.

One of the highlights each and every country we visit is to spend time at google translate. You can type in anything and hear your choice of language translation. Let’s just say supercalifragilisticexpealidocious has received its fair share of listens.

Among our other moments, we have had surprise visitors…

had fun activities in our workboxes thanks to Pinterest

and found lots of free resources such as Super Teacher Worksheets .

We have the most adorable little mascot who doesn’t mind playing in his “cage” while we tackle our studies.

When he is on the loose, he causes plenty of mischief because he walks around now like he owns the joint.

Last week we made Teepees in our unit study on The Indian In the Cupboard.

Thanks again to Pinterest, I went for the edible version. There is cake inside that yummy goodness.

There have been science experiments…

plenty of swinging…

and important life lessons learned along the way…

Homeschooling has been one of the hardest adventures I have ever encountered in my life. Yet, one of the most rewarding. You have to experience it to understand it. Embrace it to succeed at it. Pray to survive it….and hang on to your hats. There NEVER is a dull moment and I love it this way.

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Expedition Earth ~ South Korea

Week two of our Expedition Earth curriculum is done. We had a fabulous whirlwind trip to South Korea.

We read all kinds of facts and looked at all kinds of pictures.

We Looked at a typical day for a child in South Korea.

We prayed for the people of their country.

We stamped passports.

We played Kawi, bawi, bo….(rock, paper, scissors).


We had Korean Beef and Asian noodles for dinner. {Y U M}.



On week two, I am already in love with this curriculum. It is exposing my girls to this whole big wide world that exists around us. It is presented in a way that is fun and engaging….and I am learning right along side them.


Next week it’s off to Japan.

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