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Mushroom Pillow.

Take a plain pillow from Target

and some felt and embroidery thread…..

in no time at all turn all this…


into this…

…and now it lives happily ever after in a comfy little corner in Greyson’s nursery.


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Greyson’s Lovey.

After reading this post you will find me to be one of the most brilliant mothers alive or completely and utterly ridiculous. Take your pick and know I am o.k. with either one.

You know how kids attach themselves to something? We had a family friend experience the tragic loss of their toddler’s lovey and after that experience my sister decided upon the birth of her first child to purchase “Puffy”. Here’s the smart/crazy part. He was purchased in multiples. My nephew was given one at a time since birth and grew up attached to it as if he had chosen it himself. There were plenty of “puffys” and even through the inevitable losses along his growing up days…Pufffy remained always present and in pretty darn good shape….as if by magic. His brother and sister had the same great experience of growing up with “squeeky” and “bunny”.

So, when I became pregnant with my first…I decided to follow this brilliant idea… My first son had his “Bear”, my second daughter had her “brown doll” and my third daughter and her “doll”, and now we come to Greyson….

I have to admit after three kids I am a little tired of bears and dolls and was looking for something a bit different. I LOVE the little tag blankets, but didn’t quite find any in the stores that I really wanted to stare at for the next three years. I kept running across this adorable guitar fabric in blogland and Etsy. I did some research and fell in love with Michael Miller fabrics and found a site to purchase. A trip to my fabric store completed the supplies needed for these blankies. I bought some black minky fabric and adorable black and white ribbons to go around the edges.

Now here comes my favorite part….my aunt and my mom spent the day sewing them into the most adorable lovey’s I have seen. I have 8 of them. It cost about $60 for everything. Greyson will get one at a time. They will survive through his toddlerhood without giving me or him a nervous breakdown upon some inevitable loss. They are so squishy and comfy and completely ridiculously adorable!

I am not a sewer so a big thanks goes out to my mama and aunt for making them a reality!


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Greyson’s Room…More Projects

I have accomplished a few more pieces of Greyson’s room recently.

First, a frame from a garage sale for $1.00. Then I hot glued some twine pieces across the back. Now I have a pretty little place to display cards and stuff! It sits up on the bookshelf.

Next, I went to Lowe’s and spent $3.05 plus tax on a 2x4x12 piece of wood. I had them cut it into 3 foot long strips for me, which is free. I used one coat of an Ebony stain and then screwed the boards up into the wall. It is holding some of my favorite books for Greyson. Some were gifts and some were mine when I was little. My favorite one up there is The Dr. Seuss book because some of my best girls got together and signed this book with special messages for Greyson and I. It’s a keepsake I will have forever. What a great idea, huh?

I was able to get 12 inch horizontal stripes done last weekend. I loathe doing them, but love the result. I went with the next shade of green on the sample cards. It’s pretty subtle, but I think worth the time. I still have a teeny bit of touch up to do. Hate that part and shall procrastinate finishing that up for awhile.

I’m getting close to being done. I am so glad I started his room early because my energy is fading fast…So is my ability to safely stand on a ladder.

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Day 120. Seeing Colors.

Oh, school is getting tougher and tougher. The count down is seriously on. I can not wait until school is out! Today we got through the assignments and spent some time coloring rice. I ran across this on line and it looked like fun.

There were multiple recipes and ways I found to do this, but I am not into measuring and little details like that. This was the way we tried it and it worked perfectly. Complete directions are below.

Take gallon size ziploc bags.

Dump a bit of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, white rice (uncooked), and a few drops of food coloring. We used liquid not paste.

Zip bag tightly. I really can not stress that point enough.

Dance it out while shaking the bag until everything looks covered and pretty.

We then dumped each color onto jelly roll pans lined with parchment and put in the oven on 200 degrees for about 30 min. I turned it off and left the rice in until the next day.

Everything was dry and the color does not rub off.

I put it in quart size ziploc bags to store.

This will be used for future collage making projects….

My husband said to me today “babe, the art projects are coming along fabulous…how is english and math?”


Now there is just 50 school days left until summer.

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Day 110. A Project A Piece.

The kids favorite part of school is doing experiments and projects. It doesn’t matter what the subject. They enjoy the hands on learning a lot.  We are currently working on the following:

First, I have started Bible Memory Verses with my 5 year old. She can’t read yet, but Abeka has these great Memory Verse cards for preschoolers. The pictures become the prompts for her verses. Her first one is

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14

She walks around saying this all day. I hope this penetrates into her heart and mind…forever. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live the day to day, with this as the truth of the foundation of our souls? How would we be different?

Next is my 11 year old son. Grandma gave us a Chia professor. Creepy? Uh huh. Perfect for a 11 year old boy. It lives in the classroom, thank goodness. The reviews say that he will grow a mullet first. Oh, how I hope so. An Einsteen Chia with a mullet. Brilliant.

Finally my 9 year old daughter is growing stalactites. This truly amazed me. Maybe I am too easily entertained, but you should try this. It’s crazy. This picture is after three days.

Here’s how you can do this…take two glass jars. Fill with warm water and baking soda. Keep adding baking soda until there is enough that it will no longer dissolve in the water when stirring. Next, take a piece of yarn and tie a paper clip on each end. Place the ends of the yarn in the two jars with a plate or something to catch the extra crystals underneath. You don’t dip the yarn in the water mixture…it does this on it’s own. The water creeps up through the yarn. Creeping crystals? What’s not to love. If you wanna get a little out of control, then try adding some food coloring to the water too. We will do that next.

This may be common knowledge to most, maybe I just didn’t pay attention in science. Whatever the case, I find this pretty fascinating. It happened so very quickly.

Now there are just 60 school days left until summer.

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Craft Tray.

This past week I found an awesome way to store all our craft supplies we had laying all over the house.

First: Take any tray

Second: Fill with terra cotta pots or other small containers

Third: gather up all your fun crafty supplies.

This works great to be able to take it down off of the shelf and set it in the middle of the table for the kids to easily see and access all of their favorite crafty fun!

The terra cotta pots are just heavy enough that they are not easily knocked over as the kids are looking for their treasures.

I love organization…a little too much sometimes!

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Day 99. Sew what?

I love my blog readers, my friends. Within minutes of a posting of my infamous mommy melt down musings today, I had comments, emails, and instant messages of amazing encouragement. I felt hugged and all warm and fuzzy…all day long.

We took it easy today. We met some friends at the park for a 2 hour nerf gun war and some amazing homeschool life conversation between me and my great friend that I met at Bradshaw, the kids former school. We are both homeschooling now. We both went into homeschool, kicking and screaming (her classy and mildly and me full on tantrum). I always enjoy conversations with her. I have known her for almost 5 years since the first week we moved to Sacramento. She speaks wisdom.

After some naps and chill time this afternoon, we got out the sewing basket for the girls to practice their Martha Stewart skills. Last week, I bought an Easter basket at Joann’s and filled it with plastic buttons, giant needles, felt, yarn and some plastic shapes to sew. I got the idea of the felt and buttons from the Well Rounded Mama.

Here was one of the finished products.

The basket cost $10 to put together. Well worth it.

I am happy to have made it through today. I am happy that there is only 71 school days left until summer.

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I’m the Map.


I purchased this map and now it is roughly tacked up to the wall to see if I like…I wanted a bold statement, um haha.

Here lies my problem.

See all the white? It all has to be trimmed.

Is it prepasted? um no, adhesive needs to be purchased and applied.

Measurements on website were incorrect by a lot. Now the map is significantly bigger than my wall and we will lose part of the world when it is trimmed down to the correct size.

Color? it arrived significantly brighter then shown on my computer screen.

I am not happy about the amount of time to install, but it can be done.  I love how visual it is. Although, I think I like the idea of it better than I like it. However, some days I walk in and am not feeling it. I am not after a map, just something to do with that wall that’s fun and different.

The map wall usually has all three desks sticking out from it. They are currently thrown around the room as the map is hung very insecurely with a couple of tacks.


I won’t tell you which way I am leaning, for fear of possible public humiliation if you disagree with me!

I leave it up to you….however if you decide no my kids may cry, cuz they adore it :)!

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Day 88. Diorama Day.

Today it was Diorama Day. The kids both finished independently reading The Secret Garden and Tom Sawyer. We aborted Abeka’s reading program within 6 weeks of school starting. Seriously none of us could deal with it well. It would have the kids read 5 pages at a time. It was very choppy and just not our gig. I found some excellent things for our reading now. First stop was these novels and diorama’s. Next week new books begin.

This morning we went to Target to acquire some empty shoeboxes to begin the diorama project. When we got home, the kids picked their scenes out, discussed the book, and went nuts. Emma completely missed that the older two, were making scenes from their books. The funny thing is that she just went for it. With really no instruction on what it was “supposed” to be. She didn’t care and was happily proclaiming her creativity for the world to hear.

I still have my diorama that I made in 5th grade. It was of the book Benji and the Flood. It is packed far away in the abyss that is my garage. I remember making it with my grandma and grandpa. She clipped the metal ends off her special sewing pins to allow me to use the pearl at the top to hang down as rain drops in my box. Funny the things we remember.

Well here are our finished products! I love these. We are going to do them again this year for sure cuz they are fun!

This is Emma’s…do you see she has a chandelier hanging. I LOVE my girl. I’m training her well!

This is Taylor’s Secret Garden with real tissue paper flowers. Cameron’s follows of Tom Sawyer. Give that boy something to build and he is on a mission.

It was a great morning. Very relaxed. I really could play with crafts all the live long day!

Now there are just 82 school days left until summer.

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Chair Rail ABC’s

I have always wanted to try this type of project….I purchased these ABC cards at LakeShore for just a few bucks. They just needed a little help. It was a perfect chance to add a little moulding. I am just doing this on one wall. All the way around would be too much of a good thing in this room (for my taste anyway).

Here is the finished picture. This is our homeschool classroom.

Here are the details…

I went to Lowe’s and purchased 3 8 foot sections of this trim. It was $6.– per piece. When I got home I stained it black, then spray painted it red, then went over it with Acrylic Red paint and a paint brush. This was not some new fancy technique. It was trial and error. Now it has kind of a slightly distressed barn red color. It works. The trim I picked had a rope design on it. I would have been best off just using a brush and acrylic paint to begin with.

I used a level and nailed up the bottom pieces first. I just used small nails without a big top to them. Then I slid the cards down into the trim and staple gunned the top of the cards.

After that step was complete I was able to get the level again and complete the project by nailing the top pieces on.


Then I straightened the CHASE YOUR DREAMS plaque above it and the wall is complete! I would NOT survive as an interior design photographer…

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