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$2 Bulletin Board.

Last Saturday an amazing thing happened. I went to 4 garage sales in search of the perfect frame and I actually found it. For TWO DOLLARS.

Brought it home. Dusted it. Stapled Chicken Wire to the back. Dug out some clothes pin.

Then it went to live on the wall in the classroom that is made up of all the other signs and pictures that have no where else to hang in my house.

Gotta love good deals.

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First Days.

Monday the sixteenth was a big day around here. First day of Kindergarten, first day of middle school, and first day of my third trimester. Whew.

I can’t believe what a difference a year makes. I can not believe how calm our house and first week of school have been. I think back to the first week of school last year and on just day 2 I had my first freak out of the year. Things are different now.

My youngest was the star of the photo shoot this morning because, well she is starting Kindergarten and pictures on the porch are clearly a rite of passage. I am not sure where she gets her love of the camera. These were completely unprompted photos.

Taylor is growing way too fast. Her last year of elementary school has just begun. Where does time go? These two girls have grown super close this past year. Between homeschool and now sharing a room they don’t have much of a choice.

I am not neglecting my son, Cameron hates the camera and I got a picture of the three kids and that’s good enough for me. I will hold the torture for more important things.

On my first day of school I received amazing little gifts. A big “hug and kiss for the teacher” from Emma, a beautiful homemade card from Taylor, and a banana from Cameron (because we were out of apples, he said!). Shawn came home at lunch time and brought me a diet coke. My mom had given me my favorite Yankee Pumpkin Spice candles for the classroom, so that was brought out too.

People always ALWAYS ask me “how do you have time to do everything?” “How do you homeschool three different ages?” “How are you going to handle having a fourth?” I just quietly laugh to myself because this is by far the calmest my house has been in years…..Score one for homeschool. I like setting the pace because I don’t like the rat race. Not one bit. My littles will grow up fast enough all on their own.

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