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Day 170. The End.

I have procrastinated writing this all summer with no real excuse. Our last day of school came and went in June. It was so anticlimactic as I find the last of school always to be. We had a great day. It was simply me and the kids….2 games of bowling, lunch at Bj’s, and a big clearance in our class store.

The amount of lessons that the four of us learned over the year led us on a very different path then if the kids had spent the year in a classroom setting. There are things about it that make my heart so full. There are things about it that make my heart ache. On some level it will always be this way, as in everything in life. Above all, I will choose to praise God for His never changing promise that He will Never let go and He will work all things together for good. He loves me and my children above my own understanding. He knows what He’s doing, even when I do not. Praise Him for that.

As posted earlier, I have not matched up my days of school and postings in order to perfectly let me have a day 149-169 and I will fight my inner neuroticism to let that go. Despite that internal battle, I am happy to report….


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Day 147. Ramblings.

One thing about me that is both good and well basically annoying is that I can not stand to fail. Even in the little things. Not that I am perfect by any means, but I will go to extravagant lengths to finish a goal and achieve a task. Sometimes, at all too high of an expense. This has been a strength of mine and an enormous road block at times. I was warned by my veteran homeschool mama friends and everything that I read that homeschool is a can of worms that you will never contain. You can always do more and do it better. Absolutely true. Yet, really no different than any other area of life! Parenting, dieting, relationships, jobs, all bring this same issue along with them.

So, here we are in June. School was finished several weeks ago. I was surprisingly calm when I realized that I was not going to complete the 170 posts that I had set out to do. Yes, I will admit that I did contemplate making things up just to finish that goal, but then I realized the level of ridiculousness that that entailed and I quickly came to my senses. I give myself grace because in a matter of months I went from leaving a job that I thought I would be at forever, took my kids out of a fantastic educational environment that was a priority to our family, became a mom who home schools (which was NEVER on my bucket list), and got pregnant with my fourth child at the young age of 38. That’s a lot of change even for a self proclaimed change junkie to handle. My Jesus has held my heart every step of the way and in the grand scheme of things falling 22 posts short is the least of my worries. In fact, I think He had that in mind for me all along. Life will go on.

Life is messy.  You can’t always package it up with a nice pretty bow. Sometimes all the reading, planning, list making, and preparing in the world, will still leave you standing short of your finish line. Why? Because ultimately we are not in control. The joy is in the journey and sometimes it’s best when the finish line eludes you.

Tomorrow I will post pics from our last day of school celebration. In my head the end of school was going to play out very differently. However, when I dreamed that up, I did not factor into it weeks of intense morning sickness, fatigue, and general crabbiness. So, our last day of school played out different than planned and I breathed my way through it. We enjoyed every minute of it and are embracing every second of summer because all too soon it will be time to start the school year all over again.

Now there is just 23 school days left until summer.

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Day 146. Learn From the Little Ones.

I think this about sums up my year…from my 10 year old sweetheart. I am going to have to start her her own blog! She loves to write. I heart her little heart.

Homeschool has been really fun this year. You get to hang out with your family a lot more. It does make crazy changes to your family though. We have another year of homeschool ahead of us next year and I think I will handle it well. I remember the first day of homeschool last year. I was really excited, but had no idea what it was going to be like. I had a lot of changes going on really fast. I am going into 5th grade this year and I am excited. But again, I feel like, what will it be like? More changes or what? Well those questions will be answered throughout the year, but at this time in life, I will focus on enjoying my summer. I am not going to worry about school and be nervous that I will never be at my old school again. Speaking of my old school, I went to Bradshaw Christian School. I really love that school. I had so many friends that I trusted and I loved to hang out with. A few of those people I have seen this year. They are really really good friends. In my life though, my friends come right after family. It is still hard that I can’t see them as much as I used too. Sometimes I get really sad and little tears come out, but I know that God is with me and that makes me feel much better. God is before anything else. God, family, and friends are the most important things to have in my life. Even though I am not at my old school, I still have them all. So I guess, homeschool is not all that bad 🙂


(picture taken 5 years ago, when she was in Kindergarten)

So basically this sweet 10 year old social butterfly has got it. She desperately misses her old school, her friends, the activities, the just being together with lots of people. That is something that can not be duplicated at home. Sure, you can add activities and such, but it is never going to be the same.

So what does this girl do? Look for the positive….being with her family. Accept the situation…she still has her Jesus, family, and friends. Above all else, trust and know that God is with her.

Yes I cried when I read this and my heart melted with happiness. I am so proud of how she has handled this change in her life. As they say….”that which won’t kill you, can only make you stronger.”

Now there is just 24 school days left until summer.

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Day 145. Thoughts on Pre-K.

A very formal interview with Emma….

What did you like most about school?

Doing my work and stuff

What was your favorite thing you learned?


What is your favorite letter?



Because it starts my name

Did you like school?


What did you not like about school?

there was nothing bad except when the kids threw fits about math

What was your favorite field trip?


What do you want to be when you grow up?

an artist

Are you looking forward to next year?


Who is your favorite teacher?

um ….YOU!

Now there is just 25 school days left until summer.

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Day 144. Thoughts on Fifth Grade.

These are the musings of my 11 year old son, the little comedian that he is. I should have asked him to build something that represented his feelings about the school year. That would have been speaking his language.

Homeschooling was fun this year because we got to skip school more (hehe) and walk to school everyday. We did lots of cool stuff like science projects and cooking and we hardly had any homework.

I really like how we had shorter school days so we had more free time at home. I also liked how we had sticks to spend and were able to use work boxes. I did not like how we had to do chores at home.

Next year I hope we can go to the park even more. I hope for next year we will do even more hands on type of things and also be able to read more as well. I really liked school this year.

by Cameron.

…and by the way the (hehe) was inserted by the author.

Now there are just 26 school days left until summer.

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Day 143. Why IS That Grass Always Greener?

You hear it ALL the time. Statements like…

“I wish I could”….

“I am vicariously living through you…”

“I will be happy when….”

“If I can just get through this, then…”

I have said them myself all too often.

I wonder why it is so much easier to spend energy wishing for something we don’t have, or some goal we wish to accomplish, rather than being oh so perfectly content with where we are in our life.

Content with our circumstances, our surroundings, our talents, and even our shortcomings.

If God is the perfect Creator of all and has a perfect plan for each of us….THEN it stands to be true that we can rest assured each day that we can do our part to be obedient and give the rest to Him. I hope this year as I am learning that in my own life, my kids are seeing it happen as well because…

Running, wishing, striving, controlling brings chaos…

Skipping, dreaming, living, and letting go brings peace…

I choose the latter….even if the grass over there does appear to be greener. The funny thing is when I look right around me, it’s pretty green around here too.

Now there is just 27 school days left until summer.

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Day 142. Thoughts on 4th Grade.

As the end of the year is upon us, I asked the kids to write a one page essay on their thoughts about the year. This was from my 10 year old daughter, Taylor. She is finishing up 4th grade.

I really like homeschooling because we can stay in bed later. I also like it because we can stay in our p.j.’s all day. We don’t have as much homework and we can skip school on our birthdays. We also have more family time.

What I do not like about homeschooling is that I do not get to see my friends from school as often. Especially Sydney, I really miss her. I also did not like math this year because it was too hard.

What I learned this year is that family is very important to spend time with. I feel like I have learned a lot more about my family this year. I learned that Cameron REALLY likes the army.

What I would like to see happen next year is a more organized school year. Which I am suspecting will happen as my mom gets better at being our teacher. I would like to see more art projects, too. Mommy, here is my note to you: You are a great homeschool mom. It is really great that you chose to homeschool. I love you sooooo much!

by Taylor.

Now there is just 28 school days left until summer.

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Day 141. To Each His Own.

I started school off today by handing the older two their math text books and telling them to throw them away. Oh how fun that was! I admit complete failure on the math front. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but nonetheless it was our weakest subject by FAR this year. I can DO math, but translating that with the patience and discipline it requires to drill these concepts into their heads successfully is TOUGH. I am excited for Teaching Textbooks next year…excited beyond belief. The kids did some sort of tribal dance around the outside garbage bins and 4th and 5th grade math is officially on our completed list as well now.

We had some friends over for pizza lunch today and had some time to play. I am thankfully feeling fairly decent these days until about 3 pm or so. We did a lot of art, penmanship, history, and Bible today. I also snuck in some homemade molasses cookies and got a 2 hour nap. Taylor made homemade lip balm and it was kinda yummy smelling. Cameron mastered Spongebob on Nintendo and had multiple nerf gun wars. Emma, a girl after my own heart, is snuggled in pj’s at my side watching Max and Ruby and playing it on my laptop.

It’s just another lazy, stress free day around here and we are enjoying what is probably our last rainy week of the season.

Now there is just 29 school days left until summer.

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Day 140. What is Going On?

The days seem to be flying by. Here’s what is going on around here lately…

1. Cameron started his first tackle football practice. He had a great time. I LOVE football. I can’t wait to watch his games.

2. Taylor became a junior worker at church in our children’s program. She takes it very seriously and is enjoying her time in the classroom with the littles.

3. Emma is obsessed with ice skating. She has never done it, but has seen Ice Princess and has decided it is her new career path. She’s 5.

4. I am still pregnant. I am fifteen weeks along, sick as can be and can’t get enough sleep. I can’t wait to feel the baby kick me. That part is magical.

5. Shawn was a guest worship leader at a new church plant near us this past weekend. A wonderful amazing place that was so welcoming to us. They were a bunch of super friendly people who worshipped God so passionately it truly brought me to tears. I enjoyed seventy minutes of uninterrupted worship and a super great message on marriage. We met new friends and saw some old friends. We were treated to a yummy lunch at a Mexican restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what God is doing in Galt through this new ministry.

6. I am loving this unusually cold weather. I normally completely love our 100 degree plus summers, but am dreading it a bit in the pregnant state I am in… and terrified of our upcoming pg&e bills.

7. Shawn has been doing concerts with this amazing ministry c2bu. They are raising money to open a facility to help young girls who are victims of child sex trafficking. What God is doing through this ministry is amazing and we are thrilled to be a small part of that.

8.  School is winding down. We have finished science, spelling, and reading. Soon and very soon we will be D O N E!

9. I ordered all my curriculum for next year, except for math for my older two. I am waiting on teaching textbooks who is currently working on a mac version of their 5th and 6th grade curriculum.

10. I have been craving Grape Nuts….being pregnant is SO strange.

Now there is just 30 school days left until summer.

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Day 139. The Magic Circle.

Today was field trip today! A group of 4 moms and 9 kids went to Magic Circle Theater to see the production of Fairytale Survivor. A modern day spin on the show Survivor with Fairytale heros from the past for the contestants. It was hysterical and just $5 a ticket. I love group discounts. The play was just adorable and the perfect length for kids as it was just about 60 minutes!

After the play was over, we headed next door to the park to let the kids run around, play, and eat lunch. We were in a city about 30 minutes from ours and the park was fabulous. It had actual trees which are very rare where we live.

and seriously, don’t you just adore the house in the background of this picture?

It was great hangin’ with other homeschool mom’s. I was thinking about how many homeschool families we now know and I counted 15. How lucky am I? Lots of support.

Now there is just 31 school days left until summer.

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