Curriculum 2015-2016




Cameron 11th

History- Abeka, US History

Language Arts- Total Language Plus

Bible- sermon series from Fresh Life Church

Math- Math U See, Geometry

Science- Apologia, Chemistry

Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone Mandarin

Elective- Abeka, Geography | Health

PE- gym



Taylor 10th

History, Language Arts, Bible- My Father’s World. World History & Literature

Bible- sermon series from Fresh Life Church

Math- Math U See Geometry

Science- Apologia Chemistry

Foreign Language- Rosetta Stone Mandarin

Art History- Meet the Masters

PE- Beachboy on demand, running


Emma- 5th grade

Science, Social Studies, History, Art, Cooking, Bible, Spelling/Vocab- Five in a Row

Cursive- Handwriting Without Tears, Cursive Success

Writing- 25 Mini Lessons For Teaching Writing, How To Write A Story

Grammar- Winston Grammar

Math – Math U See Gamma, Delta

Spelling – Abeka

Nature Study- Five in A Row Nature Study



Greyson- Pre K

Science, Social Studies, History, Art, Cooking, Bible- Five in a Row

Readiness & Writing- Handwriting Without Tears, Get Set for School

Nature Study- Five in A Row Nature Study



I am excited about our curriculum for next year! I am sure minor things will be tweaked over the summer, but for now this is the plan! We have changed things up quite a bit for next year! The biggest change is that Greyson is officially a student now! He will begin his pre-k year this fall. Time flies. With my youngest starting his first year, I realize that my oldest has just two years left. I can’t think about that right now, hold me…

Another change is that I am going to have Greyson and Emma both doing Five In A Row for the bulk of school. Amazingly enough, I met the creator’s of this curriculum at convention and realized that they are my neighbors! They were so gracious to have me in their home not once, but twice and I absolutely adore Jane Lambert. Her philosophy for education and love for the Lord and children is contagious. I am so excited to start learning from the curriculum that she created. In a nut shell, we will be reading stories and learning in a unit study format for each book. Activities and assignments will be age appropriate. These two are not close in age and this is likely the only year I will pull this off. But I am SO excited to take this leap. It will be such a great change for us this year! In the afternoon, Emma will have Math and Language Arts that she will work on and Greyson will have free time!

Finally, each morning we will be meeting at 8:30 to start our day and everyone will be having their own Bible Study time with the Lord individually, yet together. At the end we will talk a bit and pray and then get on with our day! I really want the kids to become very comfortable in their own relationships with the Lord and feel like this could be really special time for us.

I have yet to determine PE. We are all over the place now with running, biking, skateboarding, some wii time, and kickboxing dvd’s. But I don’t like it. LOL. Any suggestions for me? Feel free to throw my way! I just want something a bit more structured!

Please leave comments or email me with any questions! What new things have you found for next year???




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    Curriculum 2015-2016 | Just A Night Owl

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