Moving Day


*Goodbye old house

This post is like a month past due! It took about 4 times as long to unpack as I suspected. Which is funny, because that is the exact number of helpers I had that slowed this whole thing down. 🙂 My husband’s favorite thing to say these days is, “It’ll all get done. Don’t worry.” I have had a couple of near minor meltdowns, but mostly just enjoying our beautiful new home so much, I can hardly stand it.


* I am not sure I totally agree with moving and easier ever in the same sentence

The combination of my spring allergies and a nasty cold that spread though the troops added a whole new level to the unpacking process. The colds are gone and I am anxiously awaiting the departure of the allergies as well.


*Auntie Nicole playing with Greyson before bed in his new room

Life is beginning to feel more normal. It has been four weeks today since moving day, but I do still sort of feel like I am on some weird unpacking vacation in a resort house.


We are figuring out new routines, where everything is in our ginormous kitchen, and enjoying the peace and quiet of the country.


*Every country home with a wrap around porch comes with a swing, right?

Actual moving day was such a gift. We had so many people come to help. Three hours and five minutes to bring the entire contents of our old house to our new house. We had done a little bit of moving prior, but the bulk of it was done by the fabulous peeps that helped us.


It was the very first party of many in this new house. Moving, sweating, eating cheap pizza, and prayer for our new place. Good times.


*The most important part

Couldn’t have done it without you guys! Meant the world to us! Thanks!


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3 Responses to Moving Day
  1. Amy G
    April 20, 2013 | 6:32 am

    Welcome home friend! I LOVE that last picture!! Can’t wait to see your new home! Happy nesting!

  2. Kelly @ View Along the Way
    April 25, 2013 | 6:34 pm

    Congratulations on settling in to the new place! That last picture makes my heart happy. 🙂

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