Miscellany Monday

1. Insanity- 3 weeks in. 1/3 done. Fighting the middle blues. Nutrition choices are the hardest part of this. Five small meals a day of equal calories goes against EVERY pattern of food consumption I hold. It’s a work in progress for sure. The workouts rock. I have gotten over the lack of good music. I don’t have the energy to even worry about it. Every single part of me is needed to complete these work outs and push myself harder every time. They are awesome.

I had a brief scare of a neck injury when I forgot my daughter was 8 and not 3 and I tried to fly her over my head. She had other plans and my neck was her crash landing spot. Strange twinges, wow. We are both fine now. The crisis was averted and I was thankful it was an Insanity recovery day. I have not missed a workout yet.

2. My daughter had her last soccer game of the season over the weekend. It was POURING rain. Some kids were crying, but not my girl. She was in her happy place. I actually saw the twinkle in her eye and she scored one goal per quarter for a total of FOUR!  Her team finished the season strong and swiped first place overall for the season. #totallyasoccermom

There is nothing like watching your child find their thing. Ya know?

I could barely grab a couple of pictures. The camera had to go back to the car to stay dry.

Someone takes after his older sister. He could have cared less about the wind and rain and cold. He was all over it. #gimmieapuddleplease

3. This little dude is having a love affair with all things train. Choo Choo rings through my house in many forms for a lot of the day. It’s fantastic.

4. Levis baby butts are spectacular.

5. I am excited to be joining in my sweet friend Carlie’s A COOKIE A DAY TIL CHRISTMAS SERIES. Fabulously delicious stuff going on. You definitely don’t wanna miss that! I will be giving the recipe for White chocolate cookie dough truffles.

A Cookie a Day Until Christmas

6. My camera strap was falling apart and looking pathetic and sad. THEN I got an email with a special on some fancy ones. Lulu and June on Etsy. Cuteness galore. GREAT customer service. Isn’t she pretty? I’m in camera strap heaven.

 7. This morning I received an email from a fairy godmother, I am pretty sure. She saw some of my photography on a friend’s Facebook page and wanted to let me know of their location. Her email involved words like horses, Victorian couches, barns, acres of natural and prepared backdrops. I think my heart stopped for a brief moment. Next week I will be touring this new photo location and trying to act all cool and grown up like while doing so. If Victorian couches are involved it might be difficult to contain my composure.

8. Still trying to work on getting myself into pictures. Good grief it’s harder then it seems. Yucky phone pic in the dark watching Polar Express is all I managed this week. I love my boy.

9. I feel a photo shoot coming on. I know a cute blonde who happens to wear a 2t pant and his mama found a pair of green skinny jeans at Target. Ha-le-lujah. #GreenJeansPhotography

10. In just a couple hours the Christmas decor is coming out. Shawn is at a Niners game with some friends in San Francisco. I’m totally like 70% happy for him and 30% jealous. I am going to not cook, order the kids pizza for dinner and start deckin’ my halls.


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2 Responses to Miscellany Monday
  1. Heidi (Dearlylovedmist)
    November 19, 2012 | 6:43 pm

    Love that paci, blue eye, blond curl pic. SOOOO adorable. I think my youngest will have his paci until he is 10. Addicted.

  2. Kelli
    November 19, 2012 | 10:55 pm

    Adorable pictures! We had a few games in the rain on Saturday and it was CRAZY windy and pouring down rain!
    I am on the count down until my husband will let me get the Christmas stuff out…4 more days

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