Our Classroom 2012-2013

Welcome to our class.

We have turned the area that was designed to be a formal sitting room and a formal dining room in our home into our classroom and my office. We have school here about 90% of the time. Occasionally we take our studies elsewhere {to the park, etc} BUT we honestly prefer our classroom. Its calm and relaxing in here, our stuff is here, and this space is designated learning space. We use it and we love it. I feel very blessed to have the extra space in our home to have it.

I have changed the layout a bit this year, expanded the table, and separated some of the areas away from each other. Last year, we had everything for the kids crammed into this one room and it was just too much. It was fine when there were no humans in here, but once they came in, it was too crowded. Slamming lockers, typing keyboards, and opening drawers and such while students were in their seats created chaos. You get the idea.

So this year our $40 Craigs list table expanded, received a fresh coat of paint, and we purchased some new sturdy chairs. It sits in here all by its lonesome. When you add myself and my four kids this space is maxed out.

I found some condiment caddy’s on clearance at Target that make getting supplies easy. I filled them with some Trader Joes salsa jars and all of our stuff is easy to see and grab. Do the kids constantly spin them during school? Why, yes they do.

I used some old wood from the garage for a simple reminder that hangs in plain sight. All. The. Time. It’s so One Thousand Gifts-ish. There are so many blessings overflowing. I never wanna forget.

I finally did it. After three years of drooling, I dropped the cold hard cash at Ikea and bought the map. I haven’t looked back. Oh, we love it and not just for school. It’s just awesome and H U G E and pretty and lovely. I have a thing for maps.

We have no overhead lighting, so we have to do the plug in. This post inspired this lamp. The basket is a trash can from the dollar tree and I had the cord already from Ikea. I simply cut a hole in the bottom of the basket with scissors and threaded the cord through. Voila. Light for a dollar.

Multiple fabrics become a giant cord cover. Maybe, the longest in history.

A wall of ¬†fun and useful things is behind the table. Garage sale finds, things repurposed, and birthday presents make up this collage. Hobby Lobby sells white board inserts. This 18×24 size was just $7.99. It’s pretty fabulous inside this frame that I already owned. The chicken wire extravaganza was a $2 garage sale frame with some wire stapled in. The frames and mirror up top were .50 cent garage sale finds and some scrapbook paper and a pictures of my lovelies. While I was at Hobby Lobby purchasing my white board that scrolly oval frame and the S just jumped in my cart. I was forced. I had no options.

I used an old picture to coat with chalkboard paint and drew my own calendar. Let’s be honest, my handwriting is just awful, but there is something so fabulous about the chalkboard situation. I love them almost as much as I love maps. I am going to have Emma create September.

One of my favorite quotes ever, or questions rather is What is it you plan to do with your ONE WILD and precious life? Thank you to this adorable little shop on Etsy and happy birthday to me.

My office became combined with the computer area for the kids, their lockers, and our inboxes. It’s working beautifully. I tried and tried on furniture lay out to get this all in here and was stumped. My sister had the genius idea to put this computer table up against my desk. It’s just awesome. Thanks sis! It is main priority to keep the computer right out in the open. Mission accomplished.

Kid’s lockers tuck right in the corner.

Each child has an inbox and a whole bunch of papers wait for me there.

The Ikea Expedit collection is my best friend. All of my teacher books, science kits, extra school supplies, scrapbooking stuff, camera gear, and the kitchen sink is safely stored outta sight in this bookshelf. It’s mine. All mine. No Students allowed.

I also don’t share this. It sits on my desk. Its fantastic. It spins too. Yes, I spin it during class.

Both of these spaces are right inside our front door. I love the romper room kid stuff, but I don’t want to look at it all the time. So, we try to maintain a little bit of pretty in here. I will show you soon where I have my secret romper room for school learning stuff. It’s fun if you like that kind of thing.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Schooling!

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  1. Kat
    July 20, 2015 | 12:06 pm

    I commented on the wrong post before…..I would love to know the color you used on the walls. I want to do a light blue in my classroom and love this…..if you don’t mind sharing. Thanks!!

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  3. Rachel
    January 17, 2016 | 5:56 am

    Hi, love the room. Wondering where you found the blue lockers at?? Thanks!

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