Bits ‘N Pieces

Last week was a crazy whirlwind. I mean nuts, like we have not add in many many months.

My daughter had three play rehearsals and three play performances. She auditioned back in January and received a part in the cast of a local play. The kids all did amazing. It was fantastic. I love it when dear friends become family and family comes out to support. It’s the gumdrop and ponies of life.

We also had three doctor apts.

We got the news that my 13 year old is allergic to wheat, pineapple, apples, and nuts of all kinds. He has big time texture issues with food that complicates this matter incredibly as those foods make up about 85% of his diet. We have an upcoming apt with a childhood allergy specialist to determine the best place to go from here. I have been fully trained in all things EpiPen. The whole thing turned my little small world upside-down a bit. His thirteen year old, “I don’t want to be different than everybody else” doesn’t care much for it either. It’ll be a road, but I am thankful for answers. So thankful. In the grands scheme of things, this is all just fine.

My husband officiated a wedding.

We had a birthday party to attend.

We had a Staff BBQ at church.

My little guy got his first fever EVER and now is decorated with a rash.

My husband puts on a worship night at church, that is very involved. Friday night was the night. It was awesome, if I may say so.

I’ll stop there because I am tired just thinking about it. It was all incredibly fun stuff. However, bottom line, it was non stop every day, all day, for about eight days.

We are having a week of down time, but then this weekend I have two photo sessions, a day hike with some friends, an out of town guest, and an interior design consult. How much fun can I squeeze in, in one weekend? So excited.

About three weeks ago, I told the kids that they could go ahead in their curriculum if they wanted, but they had to be done by June 1st because grades were being recorded and school office was closing. Basically, we  switched to independent mode. My 6th grader is now all finished as of yesterday. Grades tallied. Papers filed. DONE. Elementary school is now a memory for two of my four children. My 7th grader has 3 subjects left and should be done within a week. My 1st grader, I still work closely with and we should be done within a week as well. Lockers have been cleaned out and filled with next year’s school books. The end is so very much in sight, its fantastic.

The kids are looking forward to their new binders and school supplies. Do you remember that as a kid? There wasn’t just too much that was better than a new binder. I feel like retail stores are getting earlier and earlier and fully expect school supplies to be making their way onto shelves any day now and oh, we will be ready to purchase. The kids want first dibs on their binders. I also have big plans to introduce them to the wonder that is a book cover. They don’t know about these yet. They have been completely spoiled with beautiful brand new books each year. One of the perks of our education system.

I hope to have the classroom and my office completed in the next couple of weeks.

I have a summer to do list that needs to be attended to.

run 10k in June

run half marathon in July

paint the downstairs

organize and get up to date on my family pictures and the kids baby albums. Fortunately the school organization has been controlled.

…and of course we will be doing a bunch of swimming, sun, park days, lake days, camping, and backyard fires.

Don’t you just love summer?

P.S. I discovered THE best alfredo recipe ever. Try it, I dare you.

Happy Wednesday.


25. Trader Joes Salsa

26. Feverish cheeks that need their mommy

27. Magnificent sunsets that take your breath away

28. Freshly cut grass

29. Elmo Jammies that get toddler kisses











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2 Responses to Bits ‘N Pieces
  1. Amy G
    May 23, 2012 | 8:39 pm

    Wooh weee girly! You tired me out just reading about your week! I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend ahead!

    Hooray for the end of school- we’re wrapping up things as well! Our last day is June 1st!

    Let’s go to Chevy’s and celebrate!!

  2. Cara Yeh
    May 24, 2012 | 9:00 pm

    Yikes; I was just telling a friend I feel like May is the new December. So happy you have a break in sight! Hang in there!

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