Week 27. Caterpillars, Castles, and Fridays.

This week we began Emma’s study of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We read through the book, played games, and began a color book project. I have a lot of fun stuff planned for her in the next couple of weeks. The whole point of this study is to have some F U N and maybe learn a little something too!

We picked up on our world tour again with our Expedition Earth Curriculum. This week we arrived in Germany. We have studied the popular animals of Germany, found where it is located, went on a long walk {which is the most popular mode of transportation there}, and built some castles. Next week we will finish up with some German recipes, crafts, and of course a viewing of the Sound of Music.

If you want two hours of quiet, PLEASE invest in these. My kids have loved these since the day they met them. We buy ours at Joann’s. Coupons plus teacher discounts make them very reasonable and they were just perfect for our castle building.

They are so easy to use for really any craft project. My daughter was able to create a fabulous castle including the royal garden and carrots. I mean really adorable.

They are fun for all ages. My 13 year old hijacked our castle craft and and made his own non castle fantastic design. I love these things. Love ’em.

I also love Fridays. We take them off. Our whole family. My husband works a six day work week and we have made it a pretty big priority to keep Friday a family day. It allows for us all to just be together.

We play and work and play and W A V E. Let it be known that my sweet 16 month old boy has taken it upon himself to make sure that not one moving vehicle of any kind in the greater Sacramento area is left without a wave from his cute little chubby hand. Anywhere. Anytime. He’s on it.

These Fridays are always a breath of fresh air. A chance to chill and rejuvenate.

I am so grateful for the flexibility that homeschooling has allowed us.

My hubby stumbled upon this fantastic park. It is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

When we first moved to this city six years ago, I was super freaked out about how country~ish it was.

I think I am slowly acclimating because sitting outside watching my kids just R U N and explore in the great outdoors is pretty much just plain fabulous.

and they love it.

One of the most important things that I have learned since I began homeschooling is that kids NEED unstructured time to just be. To play and run and twirl. To pick up sticks and throw them in lakes. To create and to breathe.

Then after I learned how much kids need that, I realized how very much I need it too.

Have a happy weekend.

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2 Responses to Week 27. Caterpillars, Castles, and Fridays.
  1. Wendy
    April 1, 2012 | 3:29 pm

    You always have the most beautiful pictures on your blog! 🙂 I enjoy them every time I visit!

  2. Nicole
    December 23, 2012 | 6:01 am

    (still working my way through your old posts and loving them!)

    My husband works 6 LONG days too. His days also rotate on 6 off 2 so his days off are never the same and only on an actual weekend every 6 weeks. By far, my favorite part of homeschooling is that when he’s off, we are off. If they went to public school, they would never get full days with him. That would be the worst!

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