Musings From A Sickly House

Greyson has his first cold. Not bad considering he turns 16 months on Saturday. He is SO pathetically sad. His little voice is hoarse and he is whimpering a lot. Breaks my heart. Although EVERY time he sneezes, he laughs. That boy is good natured to the core.

I put my four marginally healthy children in the car this morning and made a drive thru adventure to the one and only. I am not a Starbucks drinker except for an occasional Caramel Apple Spice. It is a perfect drink for the 11th day of caring for sickies. My patients requested cold hot chocolate. ONLY AT STARBUCKS. Who says cold hot chocolate? I almost choked on my own spit when they asked for it. Isn’t that just chocolate milk? This place is just too complicated for me.

The only one 100% healthy around these parts is my seven year old. She is officially going at 1 million % stir crazy. I am trying to keep her entertained and we played our first game of scrabble EVER this morning. The words that she came up with were very entertaining. When my kids went to  school outside the home, I paid little attention to their academic milestones. Not because I am a dirtbag mom, but because I really took those milestones for granted. I had no understanding of what it took to get them there. I didn’t see the process and I never thought about it, quite honestly. They were supposed to learn to read, write, and do arithmetic. That they did and while I was proud of them then, it is just so much more rewarding now.

I was so proud of Em this morning. As she was surveying her letters trying to pick out the perfect word I was thinking back at all the hours we have spent studying and learning. I have watched every single step of it. I love the fact that she could sit here with seven little letters and figure out how to put them together to actual words, even if it is the word barf.

The lack of outdoor living is making me extra reflective. I have been thinking a lot about life. Where I have been, where I am going, and definitely where I am now. I tend to get these thoughts out of whack at times. The perfect scenario would be keeping the ahead in your sights, the past in mind, and focusing on the future. That is a tricky thing.

Sometimes I get stuck in remembering. Sometimes I think back to a time or place and miss it so much I can hardly breathe. Those are the times while living them you truly wish you could make time stand still. Everything happens for a reason and I try and trust that.

Speaking of remembering. Do you remember the moment you found out your parents were selling your childhood home? I keep reading of people on Facebook going through this lately. My parents sold ours a few years back. It was definitely the right thing for them, but I miss it terribly. Isn’t she lovely? I lived here from 5th grade on.

The only thing wrong with this home was that it was located on a street called Herbert. Who names a street Herbert?? In general, I have terrible street name vibes. I kid you not, it’s bad. I have lived on Hogar, Flood, and Guanache. Not kidding.

I have found two fabulous things on the internet recently. 

First Ms. Amy over at Blissful Blooms opened her Etsy shop! Congratulations Friend! Check out her beauties! Amazing, right? Now you can get your hands on some!



I AM THRILLED to have found this site. 100 Days of Real Food. It is so full of information on living without eating processed food or very little of it. They have a 10 day challenge and a 100 day challenge. My plan is to do the 10 day beginning on March 15th. I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel since cutting out caffeine and fast food. I’m telling you it becomes addicting. Feeling better and being healthy is a GREAT thing to be addicted to, right? I am on a quest to learn and make adjustments that are right for my family.

We have a very picky eater of a 13 year old son. After waiting 3.5 months to get into the child nutritionist, I was told at his appointment to try chicken mcnuggets from McDonalds for meat and french fries for potatoes.


I promise you I looked around for the hidden camera. I thought I was on an episode of punk’d. No camera. Turns out she was serious. I think she might need to be retrained.

I am not settling for that for my kids.


Despite the changes I have made, eating NOTHING processed scares me. That seems hard, but I can do anything for ten days. All the information on the website makes it easy.

Just ten days. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. It is not that long!!!!!

Anyone wanna consider joining me?

It’ll be worth it.


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3 Responses to Musings From A Sickly House
  1. Rikki
    March 7, 2012 | 6:54 pm

    I want to want to consider a 10 day no processed food but it sounds scary (and yet needed!).

  2. Amy G
    March 7, 2012 | 9:39 pm

    Oh my friend! I can ALWAYS count on you to make me laugh out loud. I choked on my spit laughing about you choking on your spit.
    Ha! Cold Hot chocolate- it just got me giggling again!
    Thank you for your sweet shout out. You’re a really good friend, I really like you! 🙂
    I am so proud of your healthy endeavors- I wish i wanted to be healthy like that. I wish I had some of your discipline to get this hiney exercising. I really need you to come be my neighbor so you can make me go with you. Although, I might slow you down.
    Go get em’ tiger!

  3. Cara Yeh
    March 7, 2012 | 10:32 pm

    Ugh, so sorry about the sickies! We’ve been fighting that around here as well, and it is so draining!
    That nutritionist — wow! Unbelievable! Enjoy your no-processed food challenge! You can do it! (Yeah, I’m a better cheerleader than friend or I would do it with you; sorry!) 😉

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