Big Spender

I spent $8.23 this weekend.

Friday morning I got up around ten {thank you hubs} and decided to go for a walk. All additional 5 family members and the dog joined me. I passed a garage sale in the neighborhood and found some unbelievable cuteness. {Thankfully my 13 year old was along with his cash in pocket because I left the house with nothing but my phone and some water.}

Janie and Jack shorts {on average about $30}, Children’s Place Jacket, and Sprockets Jacket. I paid $1.50 for the three items which all look brand new.

Janie and Jack overalls with a crab on them? Yes please {average about $45}. Pediped shoes {average about $30}. I paid $.50 and splurged on the shoes at $3.00. Both of these items were definitely unworn.

So, in case you lost track thats about $150 worth of cuteness for just $5.

I’m Giddy.

Ever since Christmas, I have had a wall that has been begging for attention. You see at Christmas, most of the house decor gets traded out for the Christmas decor and nothing ever returns to its prior place. I found a plant and a couple of pictures in the garage in my pile of I can’t get rid of you yet items. Then I swiped three plates out of the pantry and hung them on the wall.

There might be a time when one has too much chicken wire in their home and I am dangerously close. However, there was a roll of extra after my classroom wall of chicken wire, so I stapled a couple of strips on the wall. I took some clothes pins and covered them with scrapbook paper and hung up some pictures.

Next, I hit Lowes where I bought a couple of fence boards for $3.23. The nice young man cut them to size and I brought them home to stain. I now have a huge area to hang whatever fun things I want. Since this space is over my littlest guy’s toy land, family pictures definitely fit the bill. I need to get a couple of other fun things to hang in the mix. Maybe this or this.

A little robbing Peter to pay Paul can get you places.

All in all, I am out $8.23 and I am one happy girl.


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2 Responses to Big Spender
  1. Amy G
    February 27, 2012 | 7:38 am

    Well for goodness sakes!
    I love garage sales and miss them in the winter. They are seasonal in MT. All your clothes are absolutely adorable.
    And I cannot get over how amazing your chicken wire wall looks! What a genius idea! It all looks beautiful and even cuter because you didn’t break the bank!
    You done good girl!

  2. Aramelle {One Wheeler's World}
    March 25, 2012 | 1:44 pm

    I absolutely ADORE the chicken wire photo display! Thanks for the inspiration!

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