Girly Lockers.

We were given these lockers last year and the kids have been waiting all summer to decorate them. I made them wait. I’m just mean like that. This week I gave them each $10 to buy accessories for their own space at Target. We came home with locker shelves, white boards, pencil cups, and a disco ball. Yes, it was designed for lockers.

We dug right in this morning to snazzify them. School starts in just 11 days and they were clearly not ready.

We pulled everything out with no plan and started playing.

Girly number one…

I found that scrapbook paper with self adhesive magnets on the back side to hold it in place in the locker, did the trick. I was considering Modge Podge or spray adhesive, but seriously glad I didn’t try those. This was SO easy.


Just cut to size, apply the magnets, and voila! {Don’t you love that word? I work it into conversation whenever possible.}

I added a few other scrapbooking embellishments and made a couple of coordinating clothespins to hold posters and pictures. I just applied magnets to the back and covered the fronts with scrapbook paper.  We had a magnetic camping light to put on the ceiling and then the crowning glory….an IKR designs flameless candle with words of wisdom, a heavenly vanilla scent, and a little mood lighting. Do the uses for these babies ever end? I don’t continue to shameless plug them just because she’s my sister. They seriously just rock. Oh and did I mention that they are on a timer? So we can set them to come on and off automatically during school hours. They just got even cuter, didn’t they?

Girly # 1 = very happy

I just love it when a non plan type of plan comes together.


Girly #2 has a little thing going on with Sponge Bob right now.


Don’t judge the Sponge Bob spelling…{I can’t stand the show and never watch it} I wrote this on the instructions of my six year old.

I grabbed a ruler to try and fashion a display shelf and when I put it up, it just stayed on its own. We added her free characters that she collected out of Rice Krispy boxes for the last two months. Voila {see told you}.

Then my 12 year old son rescued 2 jelly fish from his jelly fish tank {yes I am serious}. We dried them off , hot glued fishing and line and put them on the locker ceiling with glue dots.

The remainder of the locker was completed with more scrapbook paper and pictures from a book that we sacrificed for the cause.

Girly #2 = happy as well


Total Cost of this project was ZERO and that makes this mom very happy.

The man child’s locker is on the agenda for tomorrow.

After the kids get in bed tonight I am working on MY OFFICE… unless I decide to sleep.

Happy Thursday.

I am partying with


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3 Responses to Girly Lockers.
  1. Ruth H.
    August 20, 2011 | 3:56 pm

    Oh, wow, those are so fun! I’m going to have to show this post to my middle school daughter. She’s all about locker decor, right now.

  2. Emmy
    August 23, 2011 | 5:26 pm

    How fun would that be to have. The kids did a great job decorating them.

  3. […] of school, brought us to yet another classroom with the addition of the chicken wire wall and new lockers.  That chicken wire wall has made my heart sing all year long. But as all good things do, it too […]

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