Twelve Sure Signs of Sleep Deprivation.

1. You find yourself waiting for the light to turn green to make your left turn….only you are doing it in the middle of the intersection rather than safely behind the white line.

2. You ask the waiter for an extra plate and are amazed at how quickly he produces one, only to realize he was already putting it down in front of you when you inquired about it.

3. You get gas and get in to leave only to realize your car has been running the entire time.

4. You smell the teaspoon to check if pepper made it into your spaghetti sauce, but exhale instead of sniff and you blow pepper into your right eye.

5. You leave the house with your shirt inside out.

6. You leave the house in your slippers.

7.. The ever popular “you put the cereal away in the refrigerator.”

8. You rock yourself to sleep instead of your baby.

9. You fall asleep in the shower.

10.Something (thankfully not someone) is forgotten everywhere you go.

11. You lock your keys in the car.

12. You try and get into someone else’s car.


My baby is great at this…

But not so much at this…



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2 Responses to Twelve Sure Signs of Sleep Deprivation.
  1. Stacy @ Moderate Means
    March 16, 2011 | 4:59 am

    *laugh* Great list! You never realize how important sleep is until you have to go without! Hope you can catch up on your sleep soon 🙂

    • just a night owl
      March 16, 2011 | 11:41 am

      True Story!!! Thanks so much!

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