Thirty Six Weeks.

My story right now is all about me and my bed.

Over the last week I have had two hospital stays for blood pressures reaching the 190 range but mostly hanging in the 150’s/160’s over 90’s. I have been on a couple medications and my most recent has been upped in dosage four times. I am home now with a diagnosis of mild pre eclampsia and on strict bed rest. My¬†goal is to get to my 37th week of pregnancy, hopefully the 38th. Apparently, caucasion boys fair the worst when being delivered during the 35th or 36th week of pregnancy.

We made it! My next Target date is Nov. 9th, which will put me at 38 weeks plus 3 days and an ideal day to deliver Greyson. Although, we have been told if my blood pressures start to climb again or any more symptoms develop, we will call it a day and deliver this guy immediately. I am being monitored very very closely.

My blood pressures have been staying low as long as I am laying down. I get up for dr. visits, monitoring, and to visit our restroom and that is it.

I had an ultrasound yesterday. My sweet baby boy is measuring in at 8.5 lbs which is the 96th percentile and he is flipping between head down and oblique positions.

We have been beyond blessed and cared for with help for the kids, meals, shopping, people who washed my sheets for me, slumber party friends in the hospital, more meals, people driving kids to and from activities, doing school projects with my kids, running my errands, and offering to be there for “whatever we need”. However, bedrest is still tough. To go from the psychotic stage of pregnancy nesting to a hospital bed, to my room with not a whole lot of warning, is a lot for an overachiever like myself. BUT I know that this is best for baby and for me and really in the grand scheme of things a max stay of 2.5 weeks of bedrest is really NOT that big of a deal.

So, I am trying to keep some perspective and relax and enjoy…It really will all be over soon.

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  1. Vikie
    November 7, 2010 | 7:20 am

    I would go batty on bed rest, but like you said, it’s almost over.

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