Thirty Five Weeks.

I had my ob visit yesterday that was less than ideal…

My blood pressure has been a concern with every pregnancy I have had. I have never had to be medicated or bed rested ( a new word!) or anything up until yesterday. However, the time has come, and medication is now the drill. I just don’t like medications like this. Which is fascinating, because I walk into the hospital for delivery begging for my epidural immediately. Incredibly inconsistent. I have taken 3 doses and my bp is up quite a bit. Ironic and probably due to my own stress of being on them in the first place. If it doesn’t come down by later today, I have to call and she will up the amount. Ugh.

My sweet baby Greyson is all lounged out SIDEWAYS. Not head down at all. Which my mom commented “smart kid, who would want to hang out upside down!” While very true, this one is following suit of his brothers and sisters who have all caused me mild panic until the last second when they decided to flip into the right position. AND by last second I mean laying on the table ready to do the external version process.

In addition, I received the comment, “yeah, um this baby is BIG already” while being examined yesterday.

So I am progressing as expected, praying to truly give everything over to God, and make the choice to not spend these last days stressing, but somehow trying to relax in the knowledge that God knows what’s going to happen and it will all work out just fine.

Somehow, someway, crooked, upside down, or other wise this little guy will be here in less than 35 days….I can’t wait to kiss his little face…and introduce him to his big brothers and sisters who absolutely can not wait to get their hands on him either.

Sorry about the lame picture, but I am too lazy to go get the real camera. 🙂

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