Thirty Weeks.

I have been pregnant for 210 days. That’s a whole lotta days. Since I will be induced at 39 weeks, I have about 63 left. In some ways, that seems like an eternity, but in other ways I know it will fly by.

Swollen ankles, baby hiccups, and outrageous heartburn are all part of the daily routine around here. This baby is a twirler. Rarely kicks or punches, but is constantly spinning. A wee bit painful at times. My second daughter was the exact same way. At thirty weeks the baby is an estimated 17 inches and 3.5 pounds. He is expected to gain about .5 pounds per week during the duration of the pregnancy.

Over the last couple of weeks, lots of progress has been made on my “to do before the baby comes” list. It feels great to check things off. My list is so ridiculously long, that in reality, I know it is physically impossible to finish it all before hand, but every little bit helps.

I also had 2 showers recently. Showers always overwhelm me with gratitude at the friends and family I have in my life. This baby is being born into a community of people that already love him so much. He has an endless list of aunties ready to smooch his cute little face. I had an amazing time at both parties, surrounded by people I love. I sat on a zebra couch, with a sock monkey nearby and had tons of little friends helping me open gifts for our new little man at one. At the other, we had a riveting game of racing babies to see who would eat first. I mean really, whats not to love?

Then I got to spend a whole day in my jammies looking through all my gifts, organizing, and putting things away. That is such my happy place.

I’m on the last lap. It’s getting close…

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One Response to Thirty Weeks.
  1. Vikie Cole
    September 7, 2010 | 3:33 am

    Hang in there Darcy! You’re in the home stretch. It kinda seems like the time has flown by, but then again, I’m not the pregnant one! 🙂

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