Day 144. Thoughts on Fifth Grade.

These are the musings of my 11 year old son, the little comedian that he is. I should have asked him to build something that represented his feelings about the school year. That would have been speaking his language.

Homeschooling was fun this year because we got to skip school more (hehe) and walk to school everyday. We did lots of cool stuff like science projects and cooking and we hardly had any homework.

I really like how we had shorter school days so we had more free time at home. I also liked how we had sticks to spend and were able to use work boxes. I did not like how we had to do chores at home.

Next year I hope we can go to the park even more. I hope for next year we will do even more hands on type of things and also be able to read more as well. I really liked school this year.

by Cameron.

…and by the way the (hehe) was inserted by the author.

Now there are just 26 school days left until summer.

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