Day 140. What is Going On?

The days seem to be flying by. Here’s what is going on around here lately…

1. Cameron started his first tackle football practice. He had a great time. I LOVE football. I can’t wait to watch his games.

2. Taylor became a junior worker at church in our children’s program. She takes it very seriously and is enjoying her time in the classroom with the littles.

3. Emma is obsessed with ice skating. She has never done it, but has seen Ice Princess and has decided it is her new career path. She’s 5.

4. I am still pregnant. I am fifteen weeks along, sick as can be and can’t get enough sleep. I can’t wait to feel the baby kick me. That part is magical.

5. Shawn was a guest worship leader at a new church plant near us this past weekend. A wonderful amazing place that was so welcoming to us. They were a bunch of super friendly people who worshipped God so passionately it truly brought me to tears. I enjoyed seventy minutes of uninterrupted worship and a super great message on marriage. We met new friends and saw some old friends. We were treated to a yummy lunch at a Mexican restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what God is doing in Galt through this new ministry.

6. I am loving this unusually cold weather. I normally completely love our 100 degree plus summers, but am dreading it a bit in the pregnant state I am in… and terrified of our upcoming pg&e bills.

7. Shawn has been doing concerts with this amazing ministry c2bu. They are raising money to open a facility to help young girls who are victims of child sex trafficking. What God is doing through this ministry is amazing and we are thrilled to be a small part of that.

8.  School is winding down. We have finished science, spelling, and reading. Soon and very soon we will be D O N E!

9. I ordered all my curriculum for next year, except for math for my older two. I am waiting on teaching textbooks who is currently working on a mac version of their 5th and 6th grade curriculum.

10. I have been craving Grape Nuts….being pregnant is SO strange.

Now there is just 30 school days left until summer.

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  1. Sandi
    May 25, 2010 | 7:30 am

    Truly a delightful life my friend 🙂

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