Day 80. The Unexpected.

There we were mid morning. My doorbell rings and the neighbor says, ” I hear your homeschooling, Congratulations!” AAAAAhhhhh I linger for a moment, music to my ears. No questions on why, or how do you, or I never could. Just a congratulations. THEN, she says that the church on the corner has a school that is shutting down and they have gobs and gobs of books for free. She was on her way, after her friend told her. She said you just walk in and take them. I thought about it and kinda decided not to, since I am so new at this. I thought I would confuse myself with more curriculum choices. However, she stopped back by on her way home and said, really, GO!

Alright, I can listen well. We loaded up and went over to check it out. There was a ton! Very confusing to me on what and how to use it all. I still need instructions! However, I did find 12 different classic books and picked up 3 copies of each, so we can read them together. I also let the kids pick out some stuff. Oh their personalities shone through that freedom.

First Taylor, Quietly surveyed the room and picked a few books. All things that made her happy. Puzzles, problems, snoopy, rainbows, etc.

Then Emma, all drama all the time. They were SO heavy for her, she let everyone know the whole time we were there. However, it melted my heart when I saw what she was carrying. She chose 5 “Bibles”. A toddler Bible (she recognized the brand as we have one at home),  3 other books that have a Bible “look” to them, and finally another book that has a “Bible” look to it. BUT, it was in Chinese….her thoughts after reviewing her choice in the car was, “oh, this is going to be complicated”.

Finally Cameron. In utter amazement of the choices, he chose high school level physics, science, and experiement type books. He would have brought the room home and maybe I should have let him. However, I limited it to 7 books, and a giant box of baking soda lol. (Yes, really I said baking soda….they were cleaning out their science cabinets too). He asked why he couldn’t bring the acid home. Um, really Cam? I think that is self explanatory.

That, my friends, was quite a deal! I paid nothing. The perfect little trip was ended with impromptu pizza lunch!

Now there is just 90 school days left until summer.

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2 Responses to Day 80. The Unexpected.
  1. Tiffani
    February 17, 2010 | 2:16 pm

    Hi Darcy! I popped over from a link from Debra Parker and saw your sweet package you sent but then went on to discover that you homeschool! So do we!

    I loved what you said at the beginning of this post..isn’t it crazy the response you get when you say “we homeschool”. So, I totally get the relief and joy for your neighbor to share that information with you without “extra” comments 😉

    I can’t imagine getting to peruse all those books!!!!!!! How FUN!!! I am enjoying your site. To me, there’s nothing better than sharing ideas with other homeschoolin’ Mamas (did I mention I live in the deep south?!).

    Pleasure to meet you!!


    • just a night owl
      February 17, 2010 | 3:29 pm

      Haha….YES the responses, one of my biggest adjustments this year! So nice to meet you! I am heading over to your blog right now :)….

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