The Beginning of Family Nights.

Family Nights is not a new concept, but I had never seen them done like this. One day my hubby emailed me a link to a fabulous blog that you can check out here. (This gal is no longer blogging). I saw the way Heather did family nights and immediately jumped on board. It just fit with our family. I love planning parties and events and this just clicked with me immediately! I will post some of our favorites that we have done in the past to give you an idea. Our family time around these nights have been some of the best memories we have had. Thanks Heather!

I had the opportunity to teach a workshop at our women’s retreat at church about the idea. It was so inspiring to be able to pass on the idea. I have heard from several families that have begun this tradition. My fabulous friend Ashley and fam have even incorporated a Bible Lesson into their nights! Check out her blog… . Whatever your family style or personality….THIS can be adapted. Point is PLAN in our crazy life some time for your family…however that may look…
One thing I do that really helps, is plan out 3 months in advance. I also have a cupboard in our house devoted to all things randomly purchased on huge sales that family nights can be created around. I keep a binder at my desk that I can throw ideas into, that help me with the planning. I plan 3 months of family nights on our calendar, gather up the things I need to wait in designated cupboard, and then pulling family nights off once a week is really not a big deal…
Spend some time with those you love, be a little crazy…that’s the stuff memories are made of!
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